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Lori's "Dirty Soap" dish for November 7.

The theme of this week's "Dirty Soap" was confrontation. Brandon and Nadia finally had it out with Fary, John-Paul let his feelings be known about Farah's bossiness, and Kelly came face to face with a friend she wronged. Let's dish what happened this week on the E! reality show.

Facing Fary.
Reaching his limit, Brandon finally forced Nadia to confront her mother. After disparaging Brandon and his family to the camera, Fary accused him to his face of being a drug dealer. How do people on reality shows react to hearing such awful things said about themselves as they settle in to watch the series? Do the parties involved get together beforehand and discuss what they'll say in order to create more drama, or does said person choke on their popcorn upon hearing their family called garbage? If it's the latter then Fary is truly a wretched person. From what we've seen, there's nothing to suggest Brandon or his family are awful people and unless Brandon is trying to supplement his income due his limited screen time on "The Bold and the Beautiful," it's hard to believe he's out on the corner of Hollywood and Vine trying to make an extra buck by peddling pills or worse. Fary might as well have said he was a prostitute or called him a terrorist. Clearly, she'll never accept Brandon, because even when Nadia called her bluff by saying he made her happy, Fary attributed her declaration to the booze. It feels like Fary just wanted the spotlight and knew how to make herself relevant on the show. It's just sad it had to be at her daughter's expense.

Supportive or domineering?
Farah's controlling nature towards John-Paul has really become too much. We've all had boyfriends we've wanted to change, but when it becomes a full time job, it usually means you're not right together. Even JP's reality show boyfriend Brandon told him Farah was too bossy. It’s a bad sign when another man is embarrassed for you because of how much your girlfriend yells at you. JP finally stood up for himself though by telling the camera, with Farah at his side, that she didn't need to run his life and that she sucked the life force out of him. I'd like to see the bonus clip of her responding to that statement. I'm sure it wasn't pretty. It must have done some good though, as at the end of the episode, Farah treated him to a round of golf and a romantic lunch on the 18th hole. It's not that JP is the greatest boyfriend in the world, but at least he didn’t constantly harp on her wildly inappropriate golfing outfit or her inability to take direction. That earns him at least another week of wearing his pajama bottoms out in public without criticism.

The proud mama.
After reconnecting with a friend she let down a couple of years ago and making fun of a cheesy Hollywood cliché who asked her out in front of all her friends, Kelly surprised one of her fans, who had leukemia, by inviting her to the "General Hospital" set. It was really sweet to see the girl get all dolled up, despite Kelly burning her wig, and act opposite Jason Cook (Matt). It must have been a huge thrill for the girl and unless I haven't been paying attention, I hope we get to see the scene on air.

Almost over.

Next week is the final episode of the first season of "Dirty Soap." It looks like the whole gang gets together for a big campout. Let's hope they at least acknowledge Kirsten's absence, since I'm assuming she won't be there. It's good they'll all be in the same place, because if nothing else, it will give Galen and Jenna something to do besides corral their kids. However, all the build up in the promo of will they or won't they break up, regarding Farah & JP and Nadia & Brandon, seems like a moot point since most viewers have access to Twitter and, unless they're keeping up the ruse until the show's over, we know the couples in question are still together. It's kind of like hanging a whole season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on whether or not Kim and Kris get married when their whole relationship had already been played out in the media. We know how it ends, but thanks for playing E!

What did you think of the latest episode of "Dirty Soap?" Feel free to comment below.

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- Lori Wilson