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Lori's "Dirty Soap" dish for October 31.

This week's "Dirty Soap" gave us more Fary fun, Farah undergoing a health scare and Galen living vicariously through his kids. There's still no word on M.I.A. Kirsten, but we got to see Kelly take a few dance classes. Let's take a deeper look at what went down.

Mama doesn’t always know best.
Either Fary is angling for her own reality spin off show or she's the most obnoxious person ever. Nadia's comment about being "fluent in Fary" would make for a good title if the former is the case. I really have to wonder if she is this rude and unfiltered in real life or if she is just hamming it up for the cameras. I also question Nadia's decision to involve Fary in her and Brandon's photo shoot décor. After the first time Fary insulted them and told Brandon to zip it, I would have left her at home, but I guess simply watching Nadia and Brandon pick out furniture would have been a big snooze fest. There isn't enough creative editing in the world to make that interesting. I give their decorator Michelle credit for remaining so calm when Fary repeatedly insulted her. I'm not sure I would have been as gracious. What do you think of Fary? Vote in our Dirty Soap Poll.

Lack of support.
Farah went to the doctor to find out about donating an egg to her friend Danny so the two could produce what I can only assume would turn out to be the bitchiest diva ever to set foot in Hollywood. After her appointment, Farah learned she had pre-cancerous cells on her cervix. She went to New York to have surgery where John-Paul promised to be there for her. He fell short of that goal when he dropped her off and spent the rest of the time looking for a parking space. Either parking in New York is equivalent to standing in line for a ride at Disneyland in the middle of the summer, or JP snuck out to play a round of golf in order to avoid holding up his end in an adult relationship. It seems to be a theme. To top it off, he parked several blocks away, forcing her to walk to the car after undergoing her surgery. I hear there's this thing called a cab in New York City. I know it's a crazy concept, but it sounds like it would have been the better option.

Stage dad.
Galen tried to relive his childhood through his sons when he signed Dillon up for Karate. However, it looked like Galen was the one having all the fun shadowing the moves in the waiting room. He was later scolded by the instructor for interrupting class too much to praise Dillon. Forget Toddlers & Tiaras, Galen was starring in "Babies and Black Belts." I'm sure there are some adult classes he could enroll in to work out his issues about having to take ballet over playing baseball as a kid. Back at home, Galen set up his own dojo where his younger son tried to break a board with his hand. It looked like he only succeeded in breaking a few bones. Galen then displayed his hands off parenting style, as he sat at the table looking at papers, while encouraging Dillon to run around the house practicing his kicks. In the end, an exasperated Jenna had to tell Galen he was going overboard with their kids, thus concluding this week's task of making a story out of nothing starring the Gerings.

Lesser of two evils.
Instead of giving us a few bread crumbs where Kirsten's health issues are concerned - a one sided phone call made by Kelly would appease me – we watched Kelly prepare for a photo shoot for Self magazine. She also took a cooking class to learn how to make quick, healthy meals for herself. It got me to thinking there must be a show on TV for the average person to learn these things as well. I realized there was. It's called "The Chew." I promptly reached for my takeout menus instead.

What did you think of the drama on "Dirty Soap" this week? Have you had it with Fary or are you enjoying her antics? Were you disappointed in JP or did you understand his plight? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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- Lori Wilson