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Lori's "Dirty Soap" dish for October 24.

While the drama has been more palpable in the heavily manipulated promos than what's really occurring (I should have known hard ass Farah wasn't crying over JP, but Kirsten), it was still a pretty decent week, as we got a closer look at the dynamics between some of the couples on "Dirty Soap." We may never know how "real" this reality show is, but the longer I watch them, the more I like the cast, even bitchy Farah. After a full hour of enjoying the reality show though, I realized what I enjoyed most was the absence of Galen and Jenna. Regardless, let's take a look at what went down on the latest episode of "Dirty Soap."

Oh, say can you see?

Brandon's brave attempt at being a model last week must have inspired Nadia, as she faced her own fears by performing the National Anthem before a San Diego Padres game. She was nervous because, as her mother Fary so sensitively put it, Nadia did "poop, poop" last time, flubbing a line or two. Not wanting to pull another Scotty McCreery or Christina Aguilera, she hired a singing coach, who taught her to clench her butt. Money well spent. I'm not sure why so many singers screw this song up, but if they're all rushing in at the last second like Nadia, I suppose it's bound to happen. After performing beautifully (no word if she took her coach's advice), Brandon played the loving, supportive boyfriend and then they decided to get naked. Since "Dirty Soap" isn't on Cinemax, the cameras stopped rolling at that point. Brandon and Nadia are a seriously sweet couple, but I haven't decided if Brandon is the perfect boyfriend or if he's too clingy and needs to get a hobby. Maybe he can take up golf with John-Paul. That way I'd get my fix of my favorite "Dirty Soap" duo and Nadia would be free to focus on work. It's a win-win situation.

The icing or the cake?
Speaking of John-Paul, he and Farah spent some quality time together in her hometown of Lexington, Kentucky. While there, the couple got a surprise visit from a "devoted" fan who tracked them down on a photo shoot. Farah told the cameras she welcomed the support of the fans because she wouldn't be where she is without them. Farah might want to work on her body language and tone of voice if she really wants us to buy that. Next up, JP went golfing with Farah's dad Greg. As if he wasn't having a bad enough day shanking most of his shots, JP had to endure more questions about proposing to Farah on his beloved golf course. The poor guy doesn’t get a break. He was clearly fed up as he felt no need to diplomatically explain he had no interest in being married with kids. If his wish for a vasectomy at his bachelor party didn't make it clear, I don’t know what will. I'm not sure how Farah really feels, but I liked her blasé attitude regarding the topic this week. I'm also not sure if it was a compliment or not for JP to be referred to as icing and not Farah's cake, but at least she's not handing out ultimatums.


Finally, Kelly went home and ran into her ex-boyfriend Mike. After catching up with her family, they headed out to the bar where the confrontation went down. She got her closure by telling him off without ever revealing what he did to break them up in the first place. I'd love to see the cutting room edits on that one, but I think we can all assume she's better off without him. He kinda sent out a weird vibe, no? Again, the promo for the epic confrontation was more tension filled than watching it play out, but I enjoyed seeing Kelly kick back with her family. Whether talking tampons with Kirsten last week or vaginas with her mother this week, I'm loving this crass side to her. She seems like the kind of girl who'd be fun to go out for a beer with. Not at her hometown bar where we'd run into Mike of course. Somewhere far, far away from him. And I can only imagine what kind of shenanigans we'd see if Kelly took her mom's suggestion and went on The Bachelorette. Maybe we'll get some of that in the weeks to come now that she's closed the door on Mike.

What did you think of "Dirty Soap" this week? Did you miss Galen, Jenna and Kirsten? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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- Lori Wilson