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Facing his fears. (Soaps.com)

Gaining perspective. (Soaps.com)

Lori's "Dirty Soap" dish for October 17.

It was a week of personal struggles for the cast of "Dirty Soap." We finally learned what forced Kirsten Storms to take a leave of absence from General Hospital, Brandon overcame his fear of the catwalk and Galen enjoyed a victory in the baby battle with Jenna.

Drawing the line at sperm specimens.

This week's seemingly manufactured drama came courtesy of the Gerings. Upon chasing after their two rambunctious boys, Jenna told Galen she wanted to have another baby, specifically a girl. He pointed out there was no guarantee they'd have a girl if she got pregnant again, but Jenna pulled a Brave New World on him by filling him in on gender selection. With as much enthusiasm as John-Paul had while house hunting in L.A. with Farah, Galen joined Jenna at the doctor's office to hear what their options were. Although intrigued by the porn in the bathroom, Galen drew the line at having his sperm tested. He also made the case for wanting to enjoy life right now for why they shouldn't add to their brood, but it seemed like he was more against leaving his swimmers in a cup. His arguments magically worked and Jenna readily agreed to table the discussion. I'll give the Gerings this, they really know how to resolve their conflicts within an hour, but you know how in soaps when couples are happy they get boring? The same can be said for reality show duos. Unless Galen starts channeling his "Days of our Lives" evil twin, Jenna steals someone's baby or one of them gets amnesia, I'm not sure what other interesting drama there is to mine for these two.

Pretty people's problems.

Brandon's manager convinced him to walk the catwalk during New York Fashion Week because it would be good exposure. Brandon agreed, but revealed that underneath the abs of steel Ryan Gosling would be jealous of, was a vertically challenged man racked with insecurity. Okay, that might be an overstatement. Nevertheless, I'm sure once he took off his shirt, Brandon being the shortest "clothes hanger" (I loved that line) on the runway was the last thing on the audience's mind. Even John-Paul had ab envy. Speaking of, did anyone else imagine the reality show buddies strolling though Central Park holding hands? They're quickly becoming the duo I want to see more of. Anyway, I guess it's nice to know even the beautiful people feel insecure too.

Bad hair day?
Kirsten was in visibly low spirits during the group photo shoot for "Dirty Soap," which Farah initially thought was because she didn't like her hair and makeup. Clearly Farah thought Kirsten looked like crap and not just because she was ill. I'm pretty sure though that the less than demure Kirsten would have just demanded a redo if that were the case. Regardless, it was nice of Farah to take time out from confirming that John-Paul is working out his mommy issues by dating her, as she micromanaged his grooming, to express concern for her former friend, who it was revealed has endometriosis. Despite her sidekick Danny telling her to let it go because Kirsten wasn't the same person she was childhood friends with (such compassion!) and whoever Tiffany was yelling at Farah for being worried about Kirsten after all this time, I actually bought her concern for her former BFF and agree a crisis really puts things into perspective. What do you think about Farah's sincerity? Vote in our Dirty Soap poll.

It looks like next week, we'll see more of the JP/Farah engagement drama as well as Kelly confronting her ex Mike. What are you most looking forward to? Share your thoughts on all things "Dirty Soap" below.

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- Lori Wilson