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Welcome to Lori's "Dirty Soap" dish for October 10.

After three weeks of "Dirty Soap" I find myself enjoying the E! reality show. Most of the cast is likeable and engaging, but I'm not entirely sold on the idea that it's all real and not even a little bit scripted. However, I'm taking it for what it is and that's entertainment. While I enjoyed the set up of getting to know the characters in the first episode and all the riveting mama drama in the second, I found the third episode a bit boring and a little contrived.

Confusingly disappointing.
I had been looking forward to finding out what came between former besties Farah and Kirsten after hearing the rumors over the years, but the reveal was a pretty big letdown. The girls just bickered like high schoolers, or maybe even middle schoolers, who were fighting over a dirty look one of them gave or one of them talking to the boy the other liked. I'm going on the assumption that something was edited out of their repetitive, rambling feud or there's something one of them wasn't saying. Otherwise, it just felt like manufactured drama. Which after watching Farah for the last two weeks, wouldn't really surprise me.

After their tête-à-tête, Farah ran home to John-Paul and her pals to rip on Kirsten for having the gall of suggesting they meet in the Valley. Oh, and she had bad roots. For someone who claimed to not talk about Kirsten, she did a pretty good job of it. I had to laugh when she said with a straight face that she was the easiest person to get along with. Really? I think Bambi might have something to say about that. I'm just as confused as Kelly was trying to figure out their feud, so I'm not on either girl's side, but I think Farah should take her own advice regarding Kirsten. She might want to take a look at herself because not everyone else can be wrong all the time. What do you think? Vote in our "Dirty Soap" poll Whose Side Are You On?

Nice surprise.
The rest of the episode revolved around Brandon trying to impress Nadia on her birthday. She wasn't overwhelmed by her iPad he gave her, but their trip to Napa with Galen, Jenna and two other friends, who seemed to be ignored, did the trick. While these scenes just seemed like filler, I do have to say I'm more impressed with Brandon and Nadia than I thought I'd be. They seem to genuinely like each other and have a good relationship. At least what we see on camera anyway. I don't think I can say the same for Farah and JP. I love that Nadia isn't pressuring Brandon into marriage and told Farah she doesn’t even really care about it. Her mom might be another story, but for now, it seems Nadia is content and we won't be forced to watch another woman on TV badger their man into walking down the aisle.

Family issues.
We also got a look at more of Jenna and Galen, but so far their story isn't enthralling me. I guess it's nice to see a happily married couple, but I don't believe their claims that they don't fight and it's not exactly the juiciest of drama. It looks like there will be some baby issues in their future, but I'd rather see Jenna attempt to find something for herself outside her family.

Setting the stage.
As for Kelly, she continued to mourn her failed relationship with Mike. My favorite part of the episode was watching the behind the scenes footage of her and Steve Burton's characters getting married on "General Hospital" and the actors goofing around. I enjoy getting an insider's look and seeing other random soap actors casually pop up. Based on the promo at the end of this week's episode, it seems Kelly will confront Mike on camera. I'm looking forward to seeing how that all goes down. Hopefully it will deliver on its dramatic promise more than Farah and Kirsten's showdown did.

While this wasn't my favorite episode, I am intrigued by the new promo that played of what's to come. In addition to the meeting of the minds between Mike and Kelly, it looks like we'll also find out what happened to force Kirsten to take a medical leave of absence from General Hospital. That definitely has my attention.

What do you think of "Dirty Soap" so far? What's your favorite storyline? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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- Lori Wilson