Thursday, November 30th, 2006

The police arrest Marco, Jessica and Louis spend the night together, and Andrea is kidnapped!

At Bella, Marco continues to wait along with Louis's family for Louis. Marco tells them, If he doesn't show up soon, I'm going to have to kill someone! Marco tells Peter to call Louis, and when he refuses raises his gun promising to kill Rita first. Peter picks up his cell phone and calls Louis. The phone rings in the room, and Louis walks in. Peter yells for him to leave, and Louis looks confused before seeing Marco. Marco tells Louis that he is upset that after all this, Cara wants him. Marco asks Louis if he has anything he wants to say before he dies, and Louis tells everyone I'm sorry!

As Marco is about to shoot Louis, Rita creates a distraction, and Alex knocks the gun out of Marco's hands. A fight ensues, and Marco takes Jessica as a hostage. Louis tells Marco to let her go. Instead, Marco knocks Jessica out. He is about to shoot Louis when the police arrive and stop him. As he is being handcuffed Marco tells Louis, You're dead!


Later, Jessica comes to as the paramedics help her. The paramedics take Jessica to the hospital, and Louis comes with her. In her hospital room, Louis and Jessica talk about everything that has happened. While they are talking her doctor comes in and tells her she has a concussion and will need to stay awake all night. The doctor suggests Louis stay with her, and he isn't in a position to refuse.


Louis tells Jessica about everything that happened to him while he was gone. After Louis confesses all of his secrets to Jessica, Jessica tells him that the night she said she and Alex slept together they never had sex. The two continue to talk all night, until morning comes. In the morning Louis tells Jessica that he enjoyed staying up all night with her, and it was great to talk to someone.

Later, Louis starts to teach Jessica how to play poker. She gets confused, and folds before she even looks at her cards. Andrea and Alex come in. Alex takes Louis to go get coffee, and leaves Andrea in the room to talk to Jessica.

Outside of Jessica's room Alex and Louis talk. Alex asks Louis to accept Peter and Rita being together, and invites him to brunch tomorrow at Peter's house.

As Jessica gets dressed, Andrea asks her if anything is going on between her and Louis. Jessica tells her that Louis is charming, but she doesn't think she and Louis would ever work, too much has happened.

At the police station Marco waits in an interrogation room handcuffed to the table. An FBI agent comes in with Cara and tells Marco that they are going to use him and Cara to get the Russians. Marco refuses, and Cara tells him We don't owe the Russians anything! They were going to kill us!

The other FBI agent comes to Asher's cell to talk to him. He tells Asher they had no record of his existence before this arrest. When he tells Asher he looks familiar, Asher tells him he lifted his badge not to long ago. The agent tells Asher he is going to go away for a long time, and Asher responds by telling him that he isn't worried.

Later at Zavatti, Alex and Andrea stop by to pick up some food and champagne for the family brunch. Alex goes in the walk-in fridge to get food, and Andrea heads down to the win cellar for the champagne. George and Victoria come into the restaurant and lock Alex in the fridge. When Andrea comes back upstairs they attack her. Duct-taping her hands and feet as Alex frantically watches from the window of the walk-in. George tells Andrea to take a good look at Alex, because that is the last time she is ever going to see him. He picks her up and throws her over his shoulder, leaving the restaurant with Alex still locked away.

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