Making Deals

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

Louis makes a deal with the feds, and Cara meets with the Russians!

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In Cara's hotel room, Serge tells Cara You will come to the docks, or we will kill you right now! Cara gives Serge the 2 million dollars they do have as Good faith money. Cara promises the Russians she will give them the other 8 million when they provide her with the shipment. The Russians agree, and leave Cara and Marco, telling them they'll be back in 2 days.

Jessica and Andrea talk about Louis signing the restaurant and the house back to Andrea. Andrea tells Jessica she thinks Louis was a good person at heart, he just traveled down the wrong path.

On the road, Louis stops at a gas station for something to eat. When he gets back to his car he is disturbed by a man near his car, and later by a police car driving by. After the police car passes he pick up his cell phone and makes a phone call.

In jail an officer comes to tell Cully he has visitors. Cully comes out and is surprised to find Rita and Andrea waiting for him. Rita thanks Cully for what he did for Alex, and tells him, There's hope for you yet!

George and Victoria are forced to spend the night in a crappy motel. George tells Victoria that Louis still cares a lot about Andrea, and would probably do anything for her. George tells her that Andrea is going to be their ticket back to the money.

Alex comes to the police station and tells Lin that Louis is willing to talk, but he wants to first negotiate for his freedom, alone, with Lin. Andrea and Rita approach and Alex tells them that Louis contacted him, and is trying to make amends for his wrongdoings.


Outside the police station Rita apologizes to Andrea for the way she treated her before she was kidnapped. Part of Rita's memory has come back, and she tells Andrea she feels horrible about the way she treated her. Rita tells Andrea she would be proud to have Andrea as a part of her family.


Alex brings Lin to talk to Louis. Alex talks to him first, and tells him to take whatever deal Lin offers him. When Louis talks to Lin, she tells him all of the charges the feds have against him. She tells him the deal the feds are willing to offer Louis will require him to link the dirty money to the Gamarra's. Louis tells her that he's willing to strike a deal so he and Cully can walk, but not if it involves him seeing the Gamarra's. After some discussion Lin and Louis come up with a plan that involves Louis brining the money, and a bug, into the Gamarra's. If he does it he can walk, if they get anything they can use off the bug, then Cully can walk as well.

Later Louis meets with the feds and gets the bug he has to plant in Cara's room after she takes the money back. Louis goes to the Beverly Grande, and goes to Cara's room. Asher frisks him, and Louis asks Cara to talk to her alone without Marco and Asher present. After some protest from Marco, he leaves, leaving Cara and Louis alone. Louis tells Cara he wants to give her money back, and doesn't want to die. Cara tells Louis she doesn't want to kill him, and the two kiss passionately. When Louis leaves the room, Marco beats him up calling him a Scumbag

Outside the feds remark that Louis should be back by now and load their guns, prepared to go into the hotel after Louis. As they are about to leave Louis gets into the van. They all listen to the bug, and the feds find out Cara needs the money to buy 100 kilo's of heroine from Serge. Cara comes downstairs to pick up the money, and the feds get pictures of her picking it up and driving off. One of the feds remarks as she leaves, Cara Gamarra has just bought herself a ticket to the party. She is going to help us fry a much bigger fish

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