Mending Fences

Monday, November 27th, 2006

Louis gives Andrea back her house, and apologizes to Alex, Rita, and Peter!

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Louis comes outside Andrea's house to find that his car has been stolen. Louis asks Alex to borrow his car, when Alex refuses because he doesn't want Louis chasing the mob, his driver tells them it wasn't the mob that stole the car, it was Suzy. Andrea tells Louis he has a GPS tracking system in his car, and calls Star tracker to find out where his car is. Andrea calls and pretends to be in the missing car, and asks them to tell her where she is. Star tracker tells her they are at Malibu canyon. Louis convinces Alex to lend him his car, and the two set out to get the money back.

George, Victoria, and Suzy celebrate getting the money while driving in the car. Behind them Louis bobs and weaves through traffic to get up to their car, he then slams into George and Victoria until they are forced off the road. A high-speed car chase ensues, eventually bringing George and Victoria's car over on the side of the road. George comes out brandishing a gun and threatens Louis with it. Alex tackles George and Victoria and Suzy get out of the car, joining in a group fight. Eventually Louis gets the gun and takes their car, leaving Alex with the gun and his car. Alex drives off, dropping the gun out the window, and leaving Suzy, George, and Victoria on the side of the road.

Erica visits Cully. She tries to convince him to give up the Gamarras and he tells her if he does he's a dead man. They talk about other options, as the guard tells them Time's up Cully tells Erica he loves her, and she tells him she's going to try and get him out as soon as possible.

By the side of the road Suzy discovers that they can't get cell phone reception, and now will all have to walk back to town. The three start walking and Suzy eventually gets enough reception to call a cab to come get them, but they realize, they don't know where they are.

Erica comes to Peter and Rita and asks for their help. She tells them Cully is a good man, and asks them to please remember that when the feds come calling. Erica tells them that even though they've had their differences, she's always respected them.

Louis comes home to a house that has been turned upside down by the mob looking for the money. Louis picks up an envelope and calls Andrea. He asks her to come over, because he has something she would like to have.

Andrea comes over and sees her old family home trashed by the mobsters. She reminisces briefly over times she and her father spent in the living room. She tells Louis I just want my life back! Louis tells her that in New Jersey, when he was tortured by the mob, all he thought about was her. Andrea tells him he has a family that love him, and he can still have them, if he's not careful he's likely to lose them too, and truly be alone. Louis gives her the deeds to the restaurant and her house telling her You're right, this is your home he tells her goodbye, and leaves. Andrea runs after him, but he ignores her, gets in his car, and drives away.

Later, Louis stops by Bella and tells Rita and Peter he is going away. Louis tells them that he was watching from outside, and thought if he came in everything would be fine again, and they could be a family. Louis tells Alex he still hasn't forgiven him, but he's going to try. Louis leaves, and Peter follows him outside. He tells him that he left his family because he thought there were bigger and better things out there, and he sees Louis making the same mistake. Peter tells him to give the money back, and Louis tells him the money is the only thing keeping him alive.

The Russians come to Cara's hotel room and tell her the shippment has arrived. They tell her the limo is downstairs waiting for her and it's time to make the payment.

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