The Son From The Shadows

Friday, November 24th, 2006

Alex is set free thanks to Cully, and the feds threaten to prosecute him!

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Andrea sits on the beach at the beach house and thinks back to her times with Alex. Jessica comes out and brings them drinks, asking Andrea if she needs to talk. Andrea tells Jessica that she plans on going to visit Alex at jail, so he knows she meant what she said about visiting everyday. Jessica asks her what she will do if Alex is in jail for a long time, and in the distance she hears Alex say We'll make the most of our congical visits Andrea turns around and sees Alex who has been released from jail thanks to Cully. The two kiss, and Jessica leave to give them some privacy. Inside Andrea starts to cry, telling Alex that she is so happy. The two make love, happy that Alex is now free.

At jail Cully sits in an interrogation room. Outside Lin tells another detective that Cully is very cooperative on the shooting, but not on the Gamarra's. Cully tells her they brought around 8 million dollars to the warehouse and gives her other details about the shooting. Cully refuses to mention the Gamarra's when talking to Lin, but tells her she needs to release Alex soon, he's suffered enough Outside the FBI agents discuss Cully, and that he will give up the Gamarra's eventually. While Lin and Cully are talking, the FBI comes in and tells Lin they're taking the investigation over. Cully refuses to give up the Gamarra's when is talks to the feds, despite the fact that they claim to be bringing a list of charges against him. The feds leave and outside tell Lin they want the Gamarra's, but would have no problem sending Cully to prison for life.

Later, Cully falls asleep in the interrogation room. He wakes up as a man comes in and slaps a badge on the table. Cully asks without looking up Am I supposed to be impressed? the man responds I was going for terrified When Cully looks up he sees that the man is Asher. Asher tells him that the badge gives him access to Cully anytime, any place so he should think twice about trying to cop a deal.


In her hotel Cara and Marco discuss liquidating her assets to pay the Russians. While they are talking Asher arrives and tells them that Louis is gone with the money, and Alex has been set free. The three talk and determine that Cully must be the one that got Alex free, the more they talk, the more they think Cully is worth more to them alive than dead.

Rita and Peter talk about Alex and Louis. Rita is surprised Louis is so different than Alex. The two talk, and Rita tells Peter she wants to go visit Alex today. As they talk, Alex comes in, and tells them I hear you're looking for a chef They all embrace and Alex tells them that he's free now thanks to Cully.

At a convenience store Louis locks Suzy out of the car when she goes to the bathroom. When she approaches the car he tells her I have no use for you anymore He tells her that he has enough money to start over again somewhere else and doesn't need her for sex anymore. He gives her a little money, and her purse and drives away leaving her standing by a deserted dirt road.

Later Suzy sits on the porch of the convenience store and several unsavory men approach and start to hit on her. Just then George and Victoria drive up and pick Suzy up. She tells them she knows where the money is, and they drive off in search of it.

On the beach Andrea and Alex take a walk. Louis shows up and tells Alex he's happy he's out, and tells Andrea he's there to say goodbye.

Outside Louis has left the car with the money. Suzy bends over the hoof of George's car getting the drivers attention. When he comes out of the car to help her, he notices the woman is Suzy, George knocks him out, and they go to get Louis' car, and the money

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