Rich Man, Dead Man

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

Asher find out where the money is, Erica tells Cully she's pregnant, and Hawkins plans to kill Alex!

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Rita, Lin, Andrea and Peter look through the crime scene where Frank was shot. Rita tells Lin everything she remembers about the shooting. When she tells them that two other people with Spanish accents were there, Andrea puts together that the people were George and Victoria. Lin tells them This may be what we need to set Alex free!

As the move to leave the rime scene Rita tells Andrea that Peter seems like a good man. Peter asks Lin when Rita can come home, and she tells him that right now she is much safer at the beach house where no one can find her.

At home, Louis looks through a paper at the pool. Cully comes up to him and says, I think Cara is going to hit us! Cully tells him As much as she may still have a thing for you, she cares about that money more


Cara and Marco discuss Louis poolside. As they begin to discuss a restaurant worker stops by their table and tells them the shipment will be here in 4 days and payment is expected in full at that time of serge will personally destroy the Gamarra family. Cara has Asher follow the man, when they can't find him Cara tells them to get their man out there, It's time to take back what's ours

Suzy visits George and Victoria and tells them that she knows where the money is. She tells them the money is hidden behind the bookcase in the living room. She has noticed the plaster on the floor, and the furniture keeps moving. George tells Suzy that she needs to determine the money is definitely there, and then he and Victoria will help her.

Louis visits Alex in jail. He tells Alex to testify against the Gamarra's and go into protective custody with Rita, leaving him behind. When Alex asks if that means leaving Andrea behind, Louis seems pleased with the idea and tells him that losing Andrea would be an unfortunate byproduct, but that it is the only solution for Alex, otherwise he will rot in jail.

Lin comes to see Rita at the beach house and Rita positively identifies George as being there during her kidnapping. Lin tells them she will go check on Alex when she gets to the station. Meanwhile Hawkins sets up a time to be alone with Alex at the station tonight!

As Peter gets ready to come see Rita he notices Asher waiting for him outside. He goes back inside and finds out the lines to the house have been cut! A little while later he looks outside and sees Asher is gone, so he head out to the car. In his car he sees that he missed 5 calls from Andrea and calls her and Rita to let them know he's ok.

Suzy comes by Louis's and overhears a conversation with Louis and Cully where Louis tells Cully Suzy is good for something. Cully leaves, and Suzy comes in and invites Louis to participate in some exercise. Later Erica stops by and asks Cully to please leave with her. When he refuses to leave again, Erica tells him she's pregnant.

Outside of Louis's house an unmarked car drives through the driveway and throws a box outside the gate marked For Louis's Eye's only Louis opens the box and finds a note that says thanks for the money. Louis rushes to look for the money and finds it still behind the bookcase. Looking outside he realizes Asher is watching him from outside!

At the police station an officer brings Alex his dinner for the evening. When he steps inside the cell Hawkins comes in and knocks the officer out. You shouldn't have assaulted an officer like that, forcing me to shoot you Hawkins raises his gun to Alex's face and asks him if he has any last words, when Alex tells him to go to hell a gun shot is fired.

Remember tomorrow Desire is two action-packed hours!!!

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