Alex's Story

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

Andrea gets Rita out of Louis's house, and Alex gets in a fight in jail!

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In jail, Alex thinks back to his life since he moved to LA. While daydreaming he catches the attention of his cellmates, one who remembers him as the host of Food For Love and the reason he missed football highlights, so his girlfriend could watch Alex. When the cell bully starts to taunt another prisoner Alex tells him to stop, and ends up getting in a fight with the man himself, and then put into a cell alone for his behavior.

Andrea gets Rita out of Louis's house. She calls Lin and they plan to return to the crime scene in the morning. Meanwhile knowing his mother is gone, Louis has a meeting with Cara where he tells her to pin the shooting on Asher, and go back to Jersey.After their meeting cara determines that getting rid of Alex is the only solution to thei problem. Marco calls Hawkins and tells him they want Alex dead.

Tonight's episode was predominantly flashbacks of Alex's life. Here are some of the highlights:

Alex and Andrea get together!


Alex confronts Louis about buying Zavatti


Loui's men beat Alex up


Andrea tells Alex she needs some space


Alex gets a job on Food For love

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