Friday, November 17th, 2006

Rita is saved by Louis and is once again a prisoner in his home, and Alex is arrested for Frank's murder

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Cully, Louis and Rita run out of the warehouse, stumbling over Frank's body. Rita starts to scream, and Louis suggests they call an ambulance. Cully tells them It's too late for him, and the three quickly get in cars and drive away.

As Louis is getting into his car Alex arrives and see's Frank shot and unconscious. Alex calls out to Louis for help, and Louis ignored him and leaves the scene. Noticing Alex from afar, Asher sneaks up behind him and knocks him unconscious onto Frank's body. Asher then puts his gun in Alex's hands, making it look like he was responsible for franks death.

Back at the mansion Rita asks who that man was and why they did not help him. Louis tells her to go to her room, and when she refuses tells her to do so again, telling her it is for her own protection. As the put the money away Cully suggests they skip town. Louis tells him that he wants to go and try to talk to Cara and settle this once and for all, peacefully. Meanwhile they have doubled security at the mansion, and he tells Cully to get the guys to put together a hideout shelter.

Alex is booked at the police station. After he is fingerprinted he uses his phone call to call Andrea and asks her to come down to the station. When Andrea tells him she is going t call Frank, he has to tell her frank is dead. Crushed, Peter picks up the phone and talks to Alex, promising to come to the jail immediately.

Asher comes to the hotel to meet Cara and Marco and tells them about what happened at the warehouse. Cara has Marco call Hawkins at the police department to make sure Alex takes the fall for Frank's murder. As they are talking Louis shows up at the hotel. He talks to Cara, and she tells him that she hasn't killed him because she didn't want to give up what they had. When she asks for the money Louis tells her he Will be in touch.

Outside the hotel Louis runs into Victoria and George. The two of them allude to the fact that they played a part in his mother's kidnapping. Louis insults George and then punches him in the face, giving him a bloody nose. He tells both of them that Cara doesn't have the money, and she isn't going to get it.

Hawkins meets Alex in the interrogation room. He tells Alex that this is an open and shut case, and he should go ahead and plead guilty to maybe he can avoid the death penalty. Alex tells him he is innocent, and Hawkins responds with I don't care. Hawkins tells Alex to write his confession down, and when Alex refuses he tells him he is going to beat him. He starts to roll up his sleeves, and an officer knocks on the door to take Alex to holding.

In the jail waiting room Hawkins comes out to meet peter and Andrea. When Andrea asks to see Alex, he tells her that isn't going to happen today. He tells her she can fill out a request form, and maybe he'll sign it later in the week. When she demands to see him today, Hawkins threatens to arrest Andrea as well.

Andrea sees Detective Lin and tells her about the situation. Andrea, Lin, and peter go to see Louis and he refuses to let them in the house, and denies any knowledge of Rita's kidnapping. When Andrea tells him Alex is in jail for Frank's murder, Louis responds by saying. 'That's too bad for Alex and walking away.

Asher watches the entire scene from the bushes nearby.

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