Keep a Watchful Eye

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

Louis sabotages Bella's review, and Andrea lets Lousi back into her home!

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Marco checks on Cara. He brings her a wooden doll that has several other smaller wooden dolls inside. Inside the last doll is a note that says We have concerns about your ability to come up with the money, so we are sending you this warning, Confused, Cara comments on the stupidity of the note when a gun shot flies past her head killing one of her men that is standing behind her.

Asher arrives at the bank with Louis's safety deposit key. Once there he discovers that Louis and Cully have already removed the money from the deposit box.

Erica pleads with Cully to forgive her, telling him that she only went after the money because she though he was using her.

At Zavatti, Cully comes in the restaurant and tells George to clean out his locker and get out. When Louis approaches he tells George he can stay, but if he screws up again he will definitely be fired.

Louis takes Cully over into the corner and the two talk. Louis tells him he wants to keep a close eye on George, and can't do that if they fire him.

At Bella, Andrea eats and eyes Alex from across the room where he is cooking. The two meet each other's gaze and smile. When Alex tells Peter he wishes Rita was there, Peter tells him his mother would be very proud of him.

Peter stops by Andreas table, Andrea thanks peter for lunch, and hands her a roll of film. Peter asks her to get the pictures developed at a one-hour place, and then takes the prints to Rita at Louis's house.

Outside Bella Louis and George watch crowds of people entering and exiting the restaurant. Louis notices Andrea leave.

Inside Jessica tells Alex that the reviewer for the times is there to review the restaurant, saying nothing sinks or swims in this town without his name on it. Jessica seats the reviewer at a table by the window.

At Zavatti, Louis comes across some golf clubs. Louis takes the gold clubs and goes outside of Bella and shoots gold balls onto the side of the building. The final golf ball comes through the window and landing in the reviewer's food.

Andrea comes by Louis's house. She fakes being upset and gets the guard to go get her some water. While he is gone she hides the pictures in Rita's bathrobe.

Later that night Andrea has dinner with Elliot.

Frank comes to visit Louis at the restaurant. While ether he asks Louis where he got his money, and Louis tells him that he pleads the fifth. Louis asks Frank about Andrea and Frank tells him that she is currently on a date with an old college friend.

Learning Andrea is on a date, Louis gets Cully and heads to the beach house. When he gets there Elliot is trying to take advantage of her. Louis pulls him off of her and he and Cully beat him up. Once inside Andrea tells him he is her hero, but nothing has changed between them.

Jessica encourages Alex to go after Andrea. When he gets to the beach house he sees Andrea hugging louis through the window.

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Cara wants her money, what will she do to get it?

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