Tuesday, November 7th, 2006

Alex, Peter, and Jessica redecorate Bella, and Asher gets Louis's deposit box key.

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Cully and Louis talk about Asher. Cully tells him that the times Asher was hired but Joey the people he was after were always found dead, their death ruled a suicide. Cully thinks the men actually were drawn to commit suicide because their other options were so horrible. Cully suggests they take their liquid assents and run. Louis tells Cully he can have the money, he will keep the house and the restaurant, he has upped the security outside the house and feels safe.

Outside Asher looks into the house using binoculars and sees the key to the safe hanging from Louis's neck.

Jessica, Alex and Peter get together at Bella to redesign the look of the restaurant they now own together.

Suzy stops by Zavatti. When Louis tells her she no longer works there, she tells him he can kick her out of his bed, but not the restaurant, unless he wants to get sued for wrongful termination. Once there, Suzy makes a point of acting incompetent as a manager, allowing George to come to her rescue. Louis then fires Suzy for her bad service, when George suggest he become manager in her absence Louis tells him he can handle it.

Outside the restaurant George meets with Suzy, and tells her their plan didn't work. Suzy tells George he's on his own and leaves. As she walks away he look over at Bella and notices the sign being changed.

Erica and Cully have a picnic lunch. When Erica moves in to kiss him he tells her he wants to get to know her. He goes on to tell her that she is the most attractive woman he has ever seen. Louis calls, interrupting their meal, and tells her he needs her to come to work. Cully asks her to join him for a drink later at the hotel, and Erica agrees.

Andrea waits for Frank at Tonica. While there a man approaches her and introduces himself as Elliot, a man she knew in college. Finally recognizing him Andrea allows him to sit with her while she waits on Frank. Frank arrives, and seeing the two together decides to let the two talk, and gets a drink at the bar before he lets Andrea know he's there. The two talk, and Elliot eventually asks her out. Andrea accepts and they make plans to go out tomorrow night. Once he leaves, Frank approaches and tells her that he waiting to come sit with her until after Elliot left, since they were having such a good time.

George stops by Bella. He tells them that he thinks they bought the place, and when Alex confirms it he tells them that it takes more than a coat of paint to start a successful restaurant, and he is sure Louis will be happy to hear about their venture. After George leaves, Jessica asks if they should be frightened. Alex tells her that before they take them seriously, they will be stealing Zavatti's customers.

At Zavatti Cully and Louis go over the books. Louis tells Cully that Erica is promisqous, and a gold digger. Cully gets upset at Louis bad mouthing Erica. As they discuss, George enters and tells him about peter buying Bella. Louis tells George he can be manager again, but when he crews up, he's history.


Detective Lin calls Alex and tells him she has information about his mother. As they start to talk Louis comes in and tells them that opening a restaurant next door is career suicide. He tells them to quit now, or he will bury them. Alex tells him they will take their chances, and Louis leaves.

Later that night, Erica and Cully have a drink at the hotel. The two almost kiss, and then Erica suggests they get a room. Cully locks some items up in the hotel safe, the two get a hotel room and sleep together. Afterwards Erica starts to cuddle up to Cully and he rolls out of bed, leaving her for business. After he leaves the room Erica says to herself don't get attached, they always leave. She then notices that Cully has left his ticket to get into the hotel safe.

Downstairs, George and Victoria come to the hotel looking for Cully and Erica. When Erica comes downstairs, George tells her she is being used and that she and Cully were a one night stand in a hotel room. George tells her she should get him before he gets her. Erica gives George the claim slip to Cully's lock box. When they go to open it, it is empty. Erica tells them she is sure he put something inside, as she says it, Cully nearby says to her you sure abut that

When Louis comes home Rita is waiting for him. She asks him to look at photos with her and help her jog her memory. Louis declines and tells her he needs to lie down. When he goes upstairs he starts drinking Liquor out of the bottle. Drunk he calls Andrea and leaves a message, eventually passing out. Asher approaches Louis with a knife and removes the key to the lock box. When Cully gets home he finds out about an alarm malfunction and rushes to Louis thinking he is dead. The two talk, and suddenly Louis realizes his key is missing.

Alex goes to Lin's office and meets with her. Lin tells him that Rita is free and can leave when she wants, but Lin thinks that Rita is not confident in what she knows. Lin tells her that Rita thinks she only has one son, and that one son is Louis.

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Will Cully forgive Erica?

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