Picking Sides

Monday, November 6th, 2006

Cara comes home and Louis hires Frank!

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Marco brings a withdrawn Cara home from the hospital. Cara tells Marco she had planned on naming her child Anthony because her parents thought she was going to be a boy. Outside one of Russians calls Serge and tells him something is wrong, and the girl looks upset. Serge tells him they should invest in some insurance that their deal will be upheld.

Jessica stops by Bella to see Alex. Alex tells her to tell Andrea he's sorry. Alex tells her that the owner is thinking of selling Bella and they are thinking out buying it. When Peter returns from the bank he tells them he could only get a loan for half the amount of the restaurant. Jessica tells them she may know how to get them the rest of the money.

Louis approaches Frank who is sitting outside eating dinner. Louis tells him that he would like to put him on the payroll as a confidant. When Frank tells him that he is not for sale, Louis suggests that he lease Frank for a generous amount. Louis writes the amount he is willing to pay Frank down on a piece of paper and passes it to him. Frank looks at the amount and seems pleased.

Andrea returns home to Jessica's where she has two bouquets of flowers waiting for her, one from Alex the other from Louis. Andrea asks Jessica to open the door, and when she does she throws both bouquets out the front door. Jessica tells Andrea about Alex and Peter trying to buy Zavatti. Jessica tells her they still need $500,000 and asks her if she wants to invest, if not, if she would be ok with Jessica investing. Andrea tells her she would completely support her investing, and nothing can hurt their friendship. When Andrea asks her where she is going to get the money the two look at each other and smile.

Asher gets admitted into the Zavatti house pretending her is a contractor there to do work. While there he asks the maid if there is a safe or anything else hooked up to the electrical equipment. Suspicious, she doesn't tell him about the safe. He finds it anyway, and uses a stethoscope to listen to the safe and determine the combination. As he tries to break into the safe he hears Rita coming and hides.

Later when Louis returns home he rushes upstairs to find the electrician, but Asher has already left. Louis tells the maid he wants to cancel all of Harold's old arrangement. When Suzy arrives at the house she is detained at the front gate by Louis's security guards. Louis goes outside to meet her and tells her he is no longer in need of her services, and that she should find someone else to bleed dry.

Jessica meets with her father, and tells him she wants to sell the beach house so she can have money to invest in Alex's new restaurant. Alistair tells her that he won't allow her to sell the beach house, but he will lend her the money to help them get started.

Alex goes to see Lieutenant Lin and tells her about everything that has happened to Rita lately. Lynn tells him that his families supposed abduction almost cost her her job. Alex tells her he thinks his mother is being held against her will, when Hawkins comes in with his new partner; Lin agrees to check it out.

At Bella Jessica comes in and tells Peter and Alex she has the money to buy the restaurant, showing them a blank check from Alistair.

Frank goes to see Andrea and tells her that Louis came to see him and offered him money to spy on her. Frank tells her that he said yes, and that this gives them the opportunity to spy on Louis.

Asher calls Cara and tells her is has found the money, but cannot find the key to the deposit box. Cara distraught over losing her baby tell him she doesn't care. Marco talks to him and tells him to continue with the mission, when Marco says they need to make decision about the Russians Cara says she doesn't care and to let them come kill her.

Suzy pays a visit to George and tells him she wants revenge against Louis. Suzy no longer wants money; she just wants to make him suffer

Alex, Peter, and Alex meet with the owner of Bella. After some discussion he agrees to their offer and sells Bella to them.

**MyNetwork TV lost audio for the last 6 minutes of the show**

Lynn goes to see Louis.

Asher goes to Zavatti for a drink. Cully sees him there and hurriedly sneaks out the back. Once outside he calls Louis to let him know they've been found.

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