Cara's Story

Friday, November 3rd, 2006

Cara has a miscarriage and Peter and Alex consider buying Bella

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In Cara's office Marco asks Cara how she's feeling, and that she looks pale. Cara tells him that they need a back-up plan if Asher doesn't come up with the money. When she suggests going after the Russians Marco tells her it would be a suicide mission. As Cara gets more and more upset she starts to have bad cramps and lays down on the floor saying The baby.

Marco takes Cara to the hospital; once the doctors start to attend to her he leaves the room. A nurse comes into the waiting room and asks Marco if he is the father of the baby, Marco says he's a friend. The nurse asks Marco if Cara has been under any trauma recently. Later a doctor comes out into the waiting room and tells Marco that Cara lost the baby, but will be fine. Marco goes into the room, and a tearful Cara tells him she lost the baby.

Peter walks into the kitchen of Bella and tells Alex he went to bar, and ordered a drink. He tells him he stared at it for 45 minutes before leaving without drinking it. He then tells him about seeing Rita and her amnesia. Alex is angry, but Peter tells him there is nothing they can do.

By the pool Louis tells Cully about peter breaking in. Louis says If Peter can get in unarmed, imagine what the Gamarras can do.


The owner of Bella comes in to check the books. As the owner is ranting about their lack of profits Alex chimes in and tells him that in order to compete with Zavatti he will have to put more money into the restaurant. The owner seems uninterested in putting more money to the restaurant and mentions he may sell it. Peter asks him how much he could get for it and the owner suggests around one million.

After he leaves Peter and Alex talk about the potential of buying Bella. Peter tells him they will need at least a few hundred thousand as a down payment.

-The majority of the show was a flashback to Cara's story up to now. We looked back at everything from her sleeping to Louis, to when Vincent killed her father, as well as when she became the head of the family.

Monday on Desire...

How will Cara deal with the loss of her child?

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