Memories Faded

Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

Andrea breaks up with Alex, and Rita doesn't remember anything about her life

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Alex and Louis struggle over the gun. The gun accidentally goes off shooting Rita and knocking her to the floor. Alex and Louis take her over to the couch. When she comes to she doesn't know where she is or whom Alex and Louis are. After Louis tell her he is her son Alex starts to speak and Cully knocks him out. Rita gets concerned when Alex is knocked unconscious and then passes out again. When the ambulance arrives Louis tells them he came home and found Rita passed out.

Before getting in the ambulance Louis tells Cully to get rid of Alex when Cully questions him he tells him to dump him in an alley, and then changes his mind telling him to dump him in front of Peter's.

At Jessica's Jessica tells Andrea she is taking the two of them to the spa for pampering. Andrea refuses, but then agrees.

Back at Peter's Alex stumbles into Peter's. Alex can barely put a sentence together. Peter manages to understand what's going on and the two go hospital to hospital looking for Rita, one nurse tells them she has not admitted anyone like Rita. Alex tells Peter that he thinks Rita's fall was his fault because he and Louis were fighting over a gun.

After Peter and Alex leave Louis approaches the nurse who told Alex Rita was not there. Louis thanks her for keeping their presence a secret and gives the nurse cash.

At the restaurant Suzy tells Christoph she wants to go over the menu once again for. Christoph seems angered by her request but complies. Suzy goes out into the restaurant and meets with a man has been hired for security. She gives them pictures of Alex and Peter and tells him under no circumstances should they be admitted to the gala or Louis's home.

Louis goes into Rita's hospital room and talks to her doctor. The doctor tells him Rita's memory loss is due to trauma not her fall and tells him to show her pictures and coach her so she can remember.


Jessica and Andrea show up at the spa, where Victoria already is. Victoria hides when she hears them come into the locker room. Jessica suggests that Louis may have stolen the money from the Gamarra's. When she does Andrea tells her she hopes not, because she wants the Gamarra's out of her life for good.

When Louis gets home with Rita she seems confused by her surroundings and asks him if they are rich. Louis see's Rita to her room. Rita asks him if they have any other family, he responds by telling her that Peter his father died soon after he was born in a car accident. Louis also claims to be an only child.

At Tonica Victoria tells George that Louis stole his fortune from the Gamarra's. Victoria tells him that they have done dealings with the Gamarra's before, they can do it again.

Andrea and Alex talk. Alex tells her he doesn't know where Rita is, and that Louis now has guards at their house. Andrea asks Alex if he knows where Louis got his money. When she suggests Louis stole his money from the Gamarras. Andrea tells Alex that they need to break up. She tells him that she loves him, but she is the only one who can get through to Louis. She says she has to for all of them

Later Andrea tells Jessica she just broke up with Alex. Andrea tells her that she feels responsible for destroying the Thomas family.Jessica tells her it is a mistake, but Andrea is insistent that it is the only way.

From his coat check room George calls Vincent's cell phone. When Cara answers he asks for Vincent, when Cara tells him she's in charge George tells her he can tell her where Louis is. Cara tells him she knows exactly where Louis is, and she doesn't need his help.

Alex watches Food For Love which is now hosted by Christoph. He expresses his anger to Peter and the storms out.

Peter calls Louis and asks where Rita is. Louis tells him Rita is fine, but doesn't want to speak to him or Alex ever again. As Louis leaves his house he tells the guard he doesn't want anyone going in or out of his house.

As Louis arrives at the party Alex waits in the darkness.

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