Red Scare

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

Alistair follows his orders, Alex and Louis face off and Rita pays the price!

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Alex and Andrea hear what Louis has done now!

The mysterious men finally arrive at the Gamarra estate to meet with Cara. They tell her that they are very sorry for her lossshe thanks them and gets right to business. She pretends to now about the deal. They inform her that what they her father ordered will be delivered in 3 weeks.and that she will owe them $10 Million. Cara holds her own with the 2 men as Marco looks on. When they leave Marco tells Cara that they are screwed but Cara insists that they are not.not as long as she is the head of the family.

Alex and Andrea wonder if Louis is ever going to stop trying to ruin their lives. He reminds her that Louis usually doesn't give up when he sets his mind to something, but that they shouldn't worry about it. They enter the studio and wonder where everyone is at. They think that the security guard is joking when he approaches them and informs them that he has to escort them off of the property. He tells them that he has orders from Alistairthey look at each other and know that Louis is behind it. They request to see Alistair. They try to get through to Alistair, but he blames it on the network. He wishes them good luck and has them taken out. Alex tells her that it has to end.and that he is done talking!

Alistair receives a call from the higher ups demanding to know why he let Alex go. He makes up a story about Alex sexually harassing people the same way that Christoph was. Andrea and Alex show up and inform Jessica of what happened. She tells them that she will talk to her father. Andrea tells her that she is more worried about what Alex is going to Louis when he finds him. Jessica defends her dad saying that he is a good man and that she will get to the bottom of it. Alex shows up at the restaurant screaming for Louis. Suzy and George inform him that Louis isn't there..and they take to chance to tell him that he is not invited to the grand opening. Alex tells them to tell his brother that he is coming for him.and leaves.

Louis and Cully enjoy a day at the spa and gloat about what they have done to Alex. They then start to discuss their enjoyment of seeing George as a coat check. Louis insists to Cully that Andrea will be back. Jessica goes to see her father and he informs her that he is sorry, but that he can't get into it with her. He has a drink and tells her that he just ended his career. Alistair tells her that all he can say is that he doesn't have a choice. She tells him that he needs to be able to talk to her about this. He tells her that he just has to trust her on this.

Alex goes to see Peter and tells him about what Louis has done now. Peter is shocked at his latest move and says that this has gone too far. Peter tells him that he doesn't want his two sons killing each other. Peter calls Rita and tries to inform her of what he did to Alex and she continues to defend Louis. She tells Peter that all Alex has to do is to stop seeing Andrea and all of this will be over. Alex grabs the phone and tells Rita to let Louis know to stick around for his visit. When she insists that she is not going to monitor fight between them, he screams at her to stay out of it then and hangs up. He storms out telling Peter that Louis must!

Suzy warns Christoph not to mess with the piano player (Daniel). He gets upset and goes back to the kitchen. Cara's mob member orders a drink at the bar and waits for the restaurant to fully open. Louis shows up at the studio and interrupts Jessica's meeting with her dad. Jessica tells Louis that he needs to move on with his life and leave them all alone. Louis tells her that there isn't a good person in the room and hands her the envelope with the photos and leaves.

Alex watches the main entrance of the restaurant and talks with Andrea on the phone. She tries to talk some sense into him and tells him that she doesn't want to see him do something that he will regret. He tells her not to worrythat he will not regret a minute of it. Rita calls Louis and tells her that Alex is angry and is looking for him. She tells him that he should just forgive his brother. He reminds her that he doesn't want her talking to them and agrees to come home to see her.

Alistair tells Jessica that the pictures were a set up. Jessica asks him how he could do this and how many of her other friends he has slept with. He tells her that he loves her mother so much and that this has never happened before and will never happen again. She asks her father what he is going to do. He asks her what she thinks her mother would do if he told her. Jessica tells him that she would probably leave him and that if it is only what he says it is.then he doesn't need to tell her. She also tells him that she knows that he can't hire Andrea and Alex back because Louis most definitely has other copies of the pictures.

Cully shows up at the house and Rita demands to know what he did to her son. Cully tells her that Louis is fine.and that he is just a little upset. She tells him that Louis is careless, dishonest and disrespectful..and that is not the Louis she raised. Cully tells her that maybe she needs to accept him for who he is now.


Cara and Marco figure out the amount of money that Cully and Louis stole!

Cara and Marco discuss the fact that they finally know how much money Louis was able to steal from the safe. Cara insists that the product that they were talking about is drugs. Marco tells Cara that literally they are an insect when compared to this group.and that it is a whole different league. She tells them that they will just have to understand that they don't have the money. Marco tells her a little story about a friend of his that crossed them.and when they found him he had no head..he was a torso. Cara tells him that they have to come up with the money. He tells her to get ahold of Ash!

Louis finally makes it home and finds Cully polishing his gun. He tells Louis that his mom is pretty pissed off. Cully tells him that he is expecting trouble, but Louis insists that he will not need the gun. Cully tells him that it is just a preventative measure. Louis tells Cully that he never thought that it would come to this. Cully tells him that he had to know that it would come to this and that after tonight this will all be settled. Louis tells him just not to use the gun. Andrea shows at the restaurant and Peter informs her that Alex has gone to see Louis at home. Cully receives a call from the guard telling him and Louis that his brother is here.


Has Rita paid the ultimate price?

Alex bangs on the door for Louis to open up. Louis suggests that they wait a that maybe he will cool off. Rita rushes to the door and tells Alex to just wait there and to please not come in. She goes to Louis and tells him to talk to his brother and settle this. Louis tells her that it is beyond that now.Alex walks in and agrees. Alex runs towards Louis with Rita screaming NO in the background. Cully holds Rita back while the 2 of them fight it out. They both throw some solid hits, but Alex finally takes the lead by picking Louis up and slamming him into the coffee table. Cully comes over and grabs Alex from behind and drops his gun when Alex fights him back. Louis and Alex both grab the gun and fight for control. During the struggle the gun fires and shoots an innocent victimRita.their mother! She falls to the ground and her two sons rush to her side, but she doesn't respond.

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