Getting Served

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

Alistair gets a visit from Louis, Andrea and Alex worry about what Louis is up to and George gets a job!

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George and Victoira have a money pit on their hands!

Alex calls his mother and expresses his concern over her quitting her job for Louis. He asks her to please come back and she tells him that she can't do that right now. She also tells him that it is now time for him to do his part. Alex hands the phone to Peter.but Louis walks up and grabs the phone from his mother and hangs it up. He tells her that she has to cut off all contact with them. Louis tells her that she doesn't belong in a hotel and that she needs to come with her new home.

Alex and Peter inform Daniel that Rita isn't working there any longer. He informs them that he is not thrilled to be working for Louisbut he needs the job. They are surprised when Daniel tells them there is going to be a gala for the opening. Cara informs her friends that Simona betrayed her that she will not be coming around anymore. They worry that she hurt her, but she insists that she didn't, and the three of them head to Gucci.

Louis stops by the station. She tells him that she does not want to see him anymore and there is nothing he can do to change her mind. He informs her that he is there to see Alistair.not her. Louis enters the office and introduces himself to Alistair. Louis tells him that he wants him to fire Alex and Andrea from the show..effectively immediately! When he hesitates, Louis hands him an envelope with the pictures that Cully shot of him with Suzy. Louis reminds him that wives and children seem to be unforgiving over these types of things.

George and Victoria are informed that their house is a money pit. As they move their things in, Victoria tells him that she feels like she is dying inside. They both drop everything when they suddenly see a roach on the floor. Victoria tells George that Louis has to pay for what he is done. She suggests that George should get his job back at the restaurant. She informs her brother that this is not a request.that he is to get his job back and find a way to get the money back as well!

Cara sits by Marco at the pool and thanks him for last night. He informs Cara that she has to be very careful of who she trusts now that she is running the family. She takes a swim and thinks about how she handled Simona.and wonders if she should have permanently gotten rid of her. He insists that she handled it the right way and tells her that her father would be proud of the way that she has stepped up to the plate. He leans in to kiss her but she turns away and tells him not to do that in front of the men. She then tells him that she had fun last night and that they make a great team.but not that kind of team.


Alistair is forced to make some hard decisions!

Alistair asks to know why he would destroy his family to get even with Alex. Louis tells him that it has nothing to do with him. Alistair asks him to please not do this, and Louis informs him that he has until tomorrow to fire them. Alistair insists that he can't do that and Louis tells him to make it happen as he walks out. Louis passes Andrea on the way out with a smirk on his face.and tells her that it was great to see her.

Peter tells Alex that they need to show Rita that they mean what they say. He then says that he is going to try and reason with Louis to show her that family is important to him as well. Alex insists that it won't work, but Peter says that it is worth a shot. He shows up to see Louis but is informed by Louis that unless he is here to tell him what he wants to here he needs to leave. Peter starts to ask him about family and what it means to him. Louis demands him to leave and Peter starts to talk about Rita turning on him and Alex. Louis doesn't want to hear any of it and Peter leaves as he requested him to.

Andrea goes to see Alistair and inquires about what Louis wanted with him. Alistair nervously makes up a storytelling her that he just wanted to thank him for hiring his brother. Andrea looks in disbelief as he looks away from her. Alex shows up at the set and Andrea tells him that Louis came by today and went into Alistair's office. Alex insists that he is up to something and Andrea agrees. Alistair hurries out of the studio cutting his time with the two of them short.

Rita asks Sadie why Cully is hanging around the house. She then wants to know why he isn't helping at the restaurant if he is Louis's partner. Sadie tells her that Louis requested that he hang around the house incase she needs anything. Rita insists that she does not need a babysitter. Later Sadie has to stop Rita from scrubbing the house. She suggests that she help her prepare dinner since she is such a great cook. Peter goes to see Rita at the hotel but is informed that she has already checked out.

Victoria sits in the car and waits while George goes in to get a job (any job) at the restaurant. Louis is in the middle of holding a meeting when George walks in. They are all shocked to see him, but he pours out the likes saying that everyone there means a great deal to him. George tells Louis (in front of all of the staff) that he wants to offer his services as the manager. Louis tells him that the answer is no to the manager job. He goes down the list.and Louis finally informs him that he could use a coat check.and tells him to take it or leave it. George reluctantly accepts.

Alistair shows up to have dinner with his family. His wife and daughter notice the obvious stress that he is under, but he tells him that it was just a crazy day. Back at the studio Alex tells Andrea that they can't let Louis get to them. Peter shows up at the mansion to see Rita. She tells him that he Louis will be extremely upset if he finds out that he is there. Peter tells her that he can give her unconditional love and that Louis is just using her to get even with Alex. Cully shows up and wants to know what's going on. Peter starts to lose his cool wanting to know why Louis has Rita tucked away from everyone. Before he leaves he tells her that he and Alex really miss her, but Cully and Rita go inside leaving Peter alone.

Cara and Marco discuss the people that her father was dealing with. He tells her that they may have been the one's spying on them the other day and that it is very disturbing that it was such a secret with her father. Cara insists that they had better get the money back quickly! Victoria is thrilled when George comes out and informs her that he got a job. She tells her brother that he has to be close to Louis so that they will know when he is vulnerable..keep your enemies close! As they drive off Cara's mob member steps out from the shadows and pulls out a list with all of the people associates with Louis. They all have titles (partner, friend etc). He writes Georgeand circles it.

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