Monday, October 30th, 2006

Louis makes more demands of his mother, Cara continues to run the family and Alex feels the heat!

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Alex makes the most of a bad situation!

George and Victoria stand out by the dumpsters and argue because they are having to haul garbage to pay for their dinner. George insists that it is just revenge on him for running a better establishment. Victoria tells him that they should go to the bank and give them a chance to correct the mistake. George wonders out loud if it wasn't a mistake.and what if Louis was behind it. Victoria laughs and tells him that it's not like he just signed it away. He then tells her about when he went to the bank yesterday and all of the forms that he signed.without reading. Victoria tells him that there had better be a way out of this and that she will not be broke again!

Louis and Suzy walk the restaurant and discuss the changes that need to happen for the grand opening next week. Erica hands Louis the phone to listen to some messages from George screaming at him for cheating him out of his fortune. She tells Louis that the days of her helping George are over and he insists that she keep it that way.

Andrea tries to tell Alex that he can't take what his mother is doing.personally. Alex informs her that he can't help but take it personally. He then asks her if she regrets not going. She tells him that there is no need for him to be feeling insecure and the two of them kiss.

Cara informs her girlfriends that she has had many cravings lately.but mostly for sex! Simona stops by and apologizes to Cara. Cara informs her that having her position is not easybut having friends helps her deal with it. Cara reminds her that sometimes the things that we do are not what we necessarily want to do. She tells her to go inside and get a drink and join them by the pool. When she goes inside, she speaks to a wire that she is wearing asking if they got all of that. A man on the other end informs her that they did and that she is doing fine.

Louis gets upset hears the girls in the restaurant going crazy over Alex and his television show. They tell Louis that they tried to go to the live taping that they have been hyping all week. Louis tells them that it is about time he paid his brother a visit.

Jessica tries to tell Peter that there is no need for him to worry and that Rita will be back. Suddenly, Rita enters the restaurant and starts to work. Peter tells her that he is surprised that she came into work today. She tells him that she has always taught her kids the value of earning your money. When he asks about where Louis got all of his money from, she tells him that she doesn't want to talk about it.

George and Victoria storm into the bank. The manager invites them into the office and informs George that he signed over the funds to Louis. He tells George that he knew exactly what he was signing and shows him all of the documents.on his restaurants letterhead. He then calls security to have them escorted out.

Simona arrives back at the pool and asks about where Vincent is. Cara tells her that he just up and Lucio did. She tells her that the Vincent thing is so dead. Cara then says speaking of which she should join them in the pool. Cara's girlfriends try to push her in when she doesn't want to and Simona begins to scream saying that she can't go back in there. She tells them that she is not ready to go back in there because the last time she was in there those men tried to kill them.

Cully poses as someone from the network to watch Alex's cooking show. He pays a stage hand some money to pour some lighter fluid into the oil that Alex will be using on the show. Louis and Cully take their seats and watch Andrea and Alex prepare for the show. She tells Alex not to stress and that everything is going to be ok. The show starts and Alex freezes when he sees Louis in the audience.

Simona goes in the house and Marco follows her in. He asks her about what she has been up to lately and tells her that out of all of Cara's friends, she is his favorite. He hugs up close to her and she runs away telling him that she can't give him what he wants. He says to himself that she just did! Marco goes and informs Cara that she was right.Simona is wearing a wire. Cara tells him that she will handle it. He tells her that if she ever needs his help, he will be there for her. She rubs his chest and tells him that she may need him for something a little later.

Alex pulls himself together and starts the show. Alex starts to show the crowd how to make a pizza, and debates over which ingredients to use after seeing Louis in the audience..knowing that he has altered something that he will be using. Alex takes the finished pizza to the audience for a lucky lady to try..she loves it and the audience goes wild.

Peter and Rita continue to struggle with their business/personal relationship. He tells her that he wants her and that he doesn't understand why Louis is doing what he is doing. He tells Rita that even she has to draw the line somewhere. Peter tells her that he would take care of her.if she would only let him.

At the commercial break Alex informs Andrea that Louis and Cully are in the audience. As Andrea points them out to the security officers, Alex pours the olive oil (lighter fluid) into the pan, and the flames fly high! Alex struggles to put it out as the crowd panics. Louis and Cully are all smiles until Alex pulls off his cooking shirt and manually smothers the fire with it. All the women in the audience are going wild over Alex with no shirt..while Louis and Cully sit in a state of anger. Louis and Cully rush off and complain that they may have just improved his image. Louis tells him that they have got to take everything from him and that it can't be done as long as he has this show. Louis tells him that now that Alex knows what they are up to, there is a better way and a better weapon.

At Tonica Alex, Andrea and Alistair celebrate the show. Alistair tells him that sometimes you just have to put the family stuff aside. Alex and Andrea leave but Alistair stays behind for a bit. Suzy walks over and approaches Alistair, and he buys her a drink. Suzy twirls her hair and flirts with Alistair. She proposes that he take her to see the set.just the two of them. He tells her that she is his daughter's friend and her age.and besides that he is married. She insists that what they don't know won't hurt them.

Louis walks in and tells George and Victoria that it is so good to see them. He informs them that he decided to move in early and has sent their things to the only place he could think of. George and Victoria leave. Louis calls Rita at work and tells her that he needs for her to quit her job right now. She tells him that the job is very important to her, but he informs her that she has to make a choice.the job or her son. Rita tells Peter that she is quitting. He asks if he is going to see her again and she tells him that she does not know.

Simona comes out of the wash room and is surprised to find the other girls gone. Cara tells her that it will be just the two of them for dinner and that they should talk while they wait. The van monitoring the wire waits in the road. Cara tells Simona that she has such pretty hair and starts to play with it. Cara tells a story about Renata talking about her hairstyle behind her back. Cara wants to know what she thinks about a friend doing something behind her back. She then tells Simona that she doesn't like people keeping secrets from each otherwhen they are supposed to be friends. Cara reaches into the back of Simona's shirt and grabs her wire. The monitors hear nothing but static and call for positions to be mobilized. Simona jumps up and swears to Cara that she did not want to do this. Cara points a gun at her and tells her to save it! Cara instructs Simona that she is going to plug that back in and kindly excuse herself from the house. Cara tells her that her life is on contract, and that if she ever sees her again, she is going to die..and they will never find her body. Cara makes her turn around and plugs the wire back in. Simona declines dinner and exits the estate. Cara takes Marco to the bedroom and the two of them begin to kiss..leading to him carrying her to bed.


Suzy seduces Alistair just long enough to get pictures!

Alistair and Suzy show up at the studio. He tells her that this is a mistake, but Suzy starts to undresstelling him that she would never tell a soul. She pulls him closer and starts to kiss him and unbutton his shirtwhile Cully is behind the scenes taking pictures. When she realizes that the pictures are complete, she stops and informs him that she agrees that this is a mistake..and gets down from the counter and walks out..leaving Alistair in a state of shock!


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