George's Story

Friday, October 27th, 2006

George and Victoria have a celebration....but it doesn't end as well as it started!

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George and Victoria have no idea what has happened!

George and Victoria celebrate their fortune..and make a toast to money! They are thrilled to be liquid again. Victoria says that she always knew that they would be wealthy again. She insists that she never doubted him.she just did a little negative reinforcement. Victoria tells her brother that she will never forgive Andrea for humiliating George like she did. He tells her that his pride is the main reason that he went after Louis like he did.

Louis and Cully eat their dinner and celebrate the fact that they stole $10 million from Gamarra and have managed to double it already!

George remembers what he did to Louis and tells her that he has absolutely no guilt over it. She agrees that there is no need to.after all Louis has made them very rich. They raise their glasses againthis time to Louis Thomas!

As George orders dessert, Victoria reminds him of his spending habits. She insists that he blew most of the money himself. They remember the secrets that they share and she reminds him that they have done only what they had to do. She accuses him of always having a weak stomach.

She reminds him that he comes through when it the way that he took care of Harold. George warns her that she is drunk and to watch what she says in public. Victoria leans over and asks George how it felt when he did it. When he tells her that he can still see the look on his face.she reminds him again that he did what he had to do! The two of them laugh and the waitress delivers their dessert. She then tells him that she is surprised that he kept a clear head through it all. She then happily takes credit for her performance that convinced their innocence.

George gets nervous when two police officers show up to eat. She tells him to relax that they are not there for him. She agrees that they have been a pain at times and that she hated the thought of him being locked up. She then remembers why he was there (having sex in a car) and suggests that it was his fault though. The two of them stare at the police officers and they notice. They ask if they can help them with something, and she mumbles that it would sure be a first! George tells them to pay no attention to her because she is drunk.

George flirts with the waitress as he gives her his credit card to pay for the evening. Victoria reminds him that his needs have gotten them in messes before. Victoria tells him that Suzy is poison and that she hopes that he has the good sense to stay away from her.Erica too for that matter! George smiles and tells his sister that he has a way with women. She insists that his money has a way with women. She advises that he be careful because he is going to have to deal with a lot of gold diggers. She tells him that being a bachelor has its perks.and the two of them drink to that!

George finishes off the last bit of champagne, and his sister accuses him of always thinking about himself. She then starts to talk about how the restaurant failed. The waitress comes out to the table and informs them that the card has been declined. They laugh it off because they know that the money is in the bank account to cover it. They order her to go back and run it again.and to bring out another bottle of the most expensive champagne. He asks for the card back and she hands it to him.cut in half. She informs him that the bank instructed her to do that!

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