The Root of all Evil

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

George gets taken to the cleaners, Rita moves out and Cara gets some good news!

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Louis makes a hefty withdrawal!

Louis goes to the bank and gets money from the safe deposit box to pay for his wins at the auction. He then goes to the restaurant and immediately starts to take charge. First thing he tells George to do is lose the music that he has blaring in the restaurant. He makes his rounds meeting with the employeesold and new. He stops by the kitchen to see Christoph. Louis flatters him with the big plans that he has for him, as long as there are no more piano problems! Louis catches Daniel on his way out and asks him to stay, telling him that the piano will be replaced. George approaches Louis and asks him to consider keeping the name. Louis shoots him down. George resigns from the restauranteffective immediately. As George heads to the bank, Louis informs Cully that everything is on track and that George has no idea what is about to happen.

Alex finds his mother packingshe tells him that she is going to stay with Louis. Alex tells her that if she really wants to be a mother, she will stand up to Louis. Peter comes in wants to know what is going on. He is shocked that she was serious about doing this. Rita tells Alex that he needs to end things with Andrea and show Louis that he is loyal brother. He tells her that he refuses to give up the woman that he loves to satisfy Louis. Peter agrees and tells her that giving in to Louis is only going to make things worse.

Andrea thanks Jessica for all of her help and letting her come back. Jessica tells her that it is the least she could do after her little episode. They agree to call the score even after all that they've been through together. Jessica goes to her room when she see's Alex pull up. He tells Andrea what his mother just didand Alex informs her that he thinks the Louis situation is going to get worse for all of them before it gets better!

George is happy when he gets to see his bank account. Before he leaves he gets some last minute paper to sign (bill of salestaxes..etc). Without reading the documents, he signs the papers. George is told that he is all signed and notarized and is allowed to leave the bank. He heads down the stairs as Louis and Cully watch from their car.laughing at him! They say that he'd better enjoy it now because it is not going to last.

Alex tells Andrea that his mother is so desperate to get the family back together that she isn't thinking clearly. Andrea tells him that it must be genetic. Alex tells her what his mother said about their relationship. They agree that they are not going to give each other up but also agree that Louis surely has some master plan up his sleeve. They decide to handle whatever comes up. They kiss and exchange I love you's.

Rita arrives at the restaurant and is informed that Louis has reserved a suite for her. She finds flowers and a card on the table for her. Cully and Louis meet with the banker and get a look at the forms George just signed.authorizing a payment of Seven Million Dollars to be transferred from his account to the safe deposit box of Louis Thomas! George makes a sarcastic farewell speech to the staff at the restaurant, grabs his things and leaves. He invites Erica over for a wild night of champagne and wild sex. She turns him down and informs that incase he hasn't realized it yet.she doesn't really like him.

Alex tells Andrea how stressed he has been over Louis and also his last show is due tomorrow. She tells him that she has a good way to relieve stress and they start to make out at the bottom of the stairs. Jessica walks up sees it. She isn't happy.but she manages through. Alex gives Jessica a one handed hug and leaves. Andrea and Jessica laugh about her running into the wall on the way down when she saw them kissing.


The mob is back in LA!

As Louis and Cully leave the bank, Rita calls him and tells him that she can get used to living like this. He tells her to make herself at home and that he will be there soon. When she hangs up with Louis, she gets a call from peterbut she ignores it. He tells Alex that he knows that she is at the hotel, but they just need to give her space. Peter is happy to hear that he and Andrea love each other and are going to wait the situation out. Alex lets Peter have his mushy dad moment.Peter tells him that he is proud of him. The doorbell rings and it is a package for Louis Thomas. Peter informs him that he doesn't live there any longer and that he can be found at the Beverly Grand Hotel. The Delivery guy says thank you and that he will find him there. As he looks up, the delivery guy is actually the one that Cara sent to take care of Louis. He walks towards his car and stops to put a jacket on the body of the real delivery man in the area that he knocked out to steal the outfit from.

Louis and Cully arrive at the hotel and walk in. Cara's spy see's them enter a gives Cara a call. She tells him that she didn't know that Louis could afford to stay at such a place. She informs him that she wants every penny back that he stole from her.and that he must make it happen!

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