Revenge Served Cold

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

Louis buys Andreas house and restaurant, and Cully starts to question Louis's intentions with the property.

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At her mansion Marco returns from looking for people in the bushes. Marco thinks it is another family, Cara thinks it's the people they owe the 10 million to.Cara tells Asher to go get the money, but don't kill Louis she wants to deal with him herself.

When Louis wins the restaurant at the auction with his bid of 5 million, Alex yells at Louis for doing this to Andrea.

Cully tells Louis he doesn't like the way things are going. Louis convinces him that real estate is a great investment, and tells him that if he doesn't like the way things are going, they will sell both properties.

Louis comes back into the auction and sits down next to Andrea. Louis tells her if she agrees to leave Alex he will give her everything she wants. Andrea tells him she won't and she doesn't know how she ever thought she was in love with him.

When Andrea leaves Suzy takes her place. Louis allows Suzy to bid on the house and she wins it for 3 million dollars.

Outside the auction Andrea tells Alex what happened inside with Louis. Louis exits with Suzy on his arm. Louis tells Alex he can buy and sell him 10 times over, and that the new Louis is in control of his life. Louis tells them his plan is just getting started, and then shows them his car. When Andrea tells him it is a sad cry for attention, Suzy says they should turn Andreas room into a gym.

Later Andrea and Alex take a walk. Andrea wants to take one last look at the restaurant. George approaches them and tells them to get out before he calls the police. Andrea tells him since he no longer owns the restaurant he has no right to throw them out, flustered he walks away. As the two start to drink a glass of wine, Louis shows up with Cully. Erica welcomes him back, and Andrea and Alex leaves quickly.

George has Victoria come to the restaurant to tell her that Louis bought the house and restaurant for 8 million dollars. When George tells her they can buy whatever they want she gets mad at him for already thinking of ways to get them back in debt. Victoria tells him every penny counts, and asks him to look for whatever he can take from the restaurant before Louis takes over.

Later Andrea and Alex talk about Louis, and Andrea tells him she thinks Louis isn't done with her. Andrea comments that even George and Victoria were better than this. Andrea and Alex start to make out on the couch and are interrupted briefly when Jessica walks in and tells them to get a room.

Later when Louis tells Cully he plans on giving it all back to Andrea when she comes to her senses. Cully upset tell him it's his money too.

Wednesday on Desire...

Will someone get to Cara before she can get to Louis?

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