Monday, October 23rd, 2006

Peter confronts Louis, Cara finds out her father's money is stolen, and Andrea gets 4 million for her mother's jewelry!

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After she pushes Vincent in the pool, Marco asks her if she got the combination to the safe beforehand. Cara tells him her father used the same numbers for everything, and then writes them down so they can go check the safe. Once they are able to get the safe open they find that all the money is gone. Asher points out that Cara has probably been robbed by someone who has disappeared recently, Cara thinks to Louis and Cully's disappearance.Cara tells him she thinks Louis and Cully have the money.

Louis, Cully and Erica go car shopping. Louis has selected a blue Porsche that Erica comments matches his suit. After Louis tells the car salesmen he is paying cash for the car, he then decides to buy a red Mercedes for Erica, and a car for Cully as well. Erica asks him exactly how much money he and Cully have, and he tells her to never ask again

Andrea has an appraiser come look at her mother's jewelry. Obviously pained by losing the jewels the appraiser tells her it will hurt less if she focuses on what she needs the money for.

At Peters, Peter and Rita discuss Louis. Peter tells her that he knows where Louis is, and he plans on going over and having a man-to-man talk with him. Peter reluctantly agrees to allow Rita to join him

Andrea and Jessica talk about Alex. Andrea questions whether she should be with Alex, but decides she is going to stay with him and if Louis can't handle it, then that's too bad.

At the Belle Grande Peter confronts Louis. Louis tells him that it was peter that abandoned their family, and Peter tells him that it's not too late to put their family back together. Louis tells him that he can't forgive him for what he did to his mother. Louis tells Rita that until she gives up Peter, then she is not his mother and until Alex gives up Andrea he is not his brother.


Alex meets Andrea on the beach and tells her he is happy Jessica has comes to terms with their relationship. Andrea shows Alex a check she has to 4 million dollars from selling her mothers jewelry. She kisses him and tells him she loves him and wants to be with him no matter what happens.

Later in the evening Cully, Louis, and Erica are at Tonic. When Cully leaves with a girl Suzy tries to get Louis to go home with her. Louis declines and tells her that he only wants Andre, and if he can't have her he doesn't want anyone else.

At a taping for Food For Love one of the audience members asks Alex if he has a girlfriend, he declines to answer, and then later Allistar tells Andrea it was because he told him never to tell anyone on air he was taken.

Once the taping is completed Alex and Andrea head out to the auction. Once they get to the auction Andrea and Alex scope out their competition along with Frank. Louis has not yet arrived at the auction, so they think their main competition are regular auction goers.

Rita comes back to Peter's. Peter gets angry with her for staying out all night and not telling anyone where she was. Peter tells her she scared her family, and he tells her she sees no family. Rita tells him if she has to choose between peter and Louis, she is going to choose Louis. Rita tells him she is going to pack her things, and there is no discussion to be had.

At the auction the bidding begins for the restaurant the bidding eventually gets up to 4 million. Right as Andrea is about to win the restaurant Louis comes in and bids 5 million on the restaurant, beating Andrea.

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Will Louis get the restaurant?

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