Axes of Evil

Friday, October 20th, 2006

Christoph destroys Daniel's piano, Andrea finds out what the restaurant is worth, and Cara kills Vincent.

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Louis, Cully, and Suzy stop by to see George. Louis tells him he isn't going to kill him, just yet. Louis tells George he needs to do whatever he asks whenever he asks. The minute he stops doing what Louis asks, he says George will be floating face down in the water.

Daniel and Claudia walk on the beach. When Daniel talks about them being together forever, Claudia says she isn't ready to rush into anything yet. Later at breakfast Claudia tells Daniel that Christoph knows they are living together now.

In New Jersey, Vincent is brought back to the Gamarra house in a wheelchair. Cara welcomes him home. When Vincent tells Cara that the other families will not respect her, Asher walks out and quickly changes his mind.


An appraiser comes to the restaurant to determine the worth of the restaurant. Alex and Andrea show up at the restaurant and ask Erica to see the appraiser. Eric tells them he isn't there, but when Felix calls out to her that the appraiser has a question they know better. Andrea goes into the office and introduces herself to him, as the two begin to talk Felix comes in to let them know that Christoph is destroying the piano.

In the commotion Andrea takes the appraiser to Bella to talk about trying to get the restaurant back. The appraiser tells her he cannot tell her how much the restaurant would sell for, as it would be an ethical violation. Andrea tells him the story of her family starting their restaurant, and how she needs to do anything in her power to get it back. The appraiser tells her it is worth 5-6 million dollars.

When the two leave Bella Cully watches from a distance. After the appraiser leaves Andrea he approaches him, shows him a gun, and tells him to get in his car. Cully gets in and looks at the list of items for sale, and finds out how much the restaurant is selling for.

Back at the house George confronts Victoria who has also put the house up for auction. Victoria says she doesn't have to consult him, and he tells her she needs to since he made him kill someone. George tells her he is sick and tired of doing her dirty work, and that the house represents everything he worked hard for. Victoria tells him it is time to think of the future not the past.

Cully calls Louis and tells him that the house is up for auction as well as the restaurant. Louis says she will not win either. After they get off the phone Suzy comes in wearing a small bikini and decides to give Louis a massage. Uninterested, Louis gets up and leaves the room to go to the bar downstairs.

At the restaurant the police arrive. Erica and Felix tells them Christoph had a ax and destroyed the piano, and is now beating an employee with a fish. As Christoph is being arrested George arrives and asks them to release him. As the police leave one of them comments Look at this place, it used to be classy.


In New Jersey Cara and Vincent sit by the pool. Vincent tells her that he likes her new look, and loves the two of them doing business together. Cara asks him about her father storing 10 million in cash on the property. Vincent tells her all her knows is that it was for a big deal with Russians. When she asks where the money is, he tells her there is a secret safe in the game room. She asks him if there is anything else she needs to know about the business. Vincent says no, and tells Cara he loves her. Cara responds by telling Vincent goodbye in Italian and pushing him into the pool in his wheelchair, causing him to die.

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