Cara Takes Over the Family!

Friday, October 13th, 2006

Louis and Cully get closer to LA, Alex attacks George, and Jessica takes pills to get rid of the pain of Alex and Andrea being together.

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Alex wakes up in Andrea's old house with Andrea by his side. While she is still sleeping he thinks back on his last moments with Louis. When Andrea wakes up Alex she tells Alex that George and Victoria will get what's coming to them. When Andrea mentions that the restaurant is all that they have now, Alex realizes that's the only place the two of them could have gone. Alex quickly gets dressed and heads out to confront George.

A more level-headed Andrea gets together with Drank and gos to the police with the recording of Suzy.


Lucio talks to a group of Joey's men and tells then Vincent is the only one who can run the family properly.

Later Marco talks to Cara about who will head the family. Marco tells her that Vincent is all the choice they have, and Cara suggests that she run the company. Marco is reluctant to agree with Cara, but eventually she wins him over, and she gets Marco to agree to be her right hand man.

Marco comes back into the room of men and suggests that they choose Cara as their leader. Cara enters the room and tells the men that its her family and she's in charge now.

After the funeral Marco comes and talks to Cara. Cara tells him she wants Vincent to comes home a free man, and not be charged in the death of her father. When marco suggests they pin Joey's murder on Cully, Cara says she wants them to be the only ones looking for Cully.

Erica has one of the bus boys, Felix, acting out a fantasy for her in the restaurant kitchen. Just as things start to heat up Felix hears someone coming and stops right before George enters the kitchen.

George talks to Erica and asks her to help him. He thinks the police are already looking for him and wants Erica to help hide him. When she declines to help him, he tells her that if he goes down he is taking her with him.

Erica agrees to help George, and George goes to the restaurant safe and starts to remove piles of money so he can go on the run. As George is about to leave the restaurant, Alex walks in and punches George. While the two are fighting Peter shows up and tries to pull the two apart. When he is unsuccessful, Andrea arrives with the police and George is taken into the station. Erica picks up the suitcase filled with cash and leaves with it, as George is being taken away.

Allistar becomes worried when Alex and Andrea don't show up for a production meeting. When he calls Jessica looking for them she tells him that they are no longer friends, and if he calls her home again no one will answer.

After finishing her conversation with her father a tearful Jessica takes a bottle of pills and follows them with a bottle of wine, she then closes her eyes laying down on the couch.


Andrea finally gets all of her messages from Allistar. She calls him back and he agrees to look the other way on Alex and Andrea being late. Allistar asks her check in on Jessica before she comes to the taping, she sounded down and he wants to make sure she's ok.

When Andrea gets to Jessica's she finds a unresponsive Jessica on the couch.

On the run Louis tells Cully how great Andrea is, and how he would do anything for her, the two are close to LA but will stop first o vsiit kate and get Cully's lef fixed before going to see Andrea.

Monday on Desire...

Will cara win over the rest of the family and be in charge?

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