Fresh Wounds

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

Vincent shoots Joey, Louis escapes Gamarras, and Rita finds out about Alex and Andrea!

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At Cara and Louis's wedding Louis pauses when he is asked if he will be with Cara until death. Louis pictures Andrea in Cara's place and snaps out of it when Vincent arrives at the wedding brandishing a gun. When Joey tries to get him to go inside Vincent tells him that he loves Cara and the baby she is carrying is his. Vincent adamant that he won't let Cara marry Louis lifts his gun once again. When a man tries to get the gun away from him the two struggle, and Vincent accidentally shoots Joey. Joey's men then shoot Vincent repeatedly.

Erica walks into the kitchen as yet another member of the kitchen staff quits. She goes into George's office and tells him that now 4 members of the staff have quit, leaving them with a skeleton crew.

In a commercial break in Food For Love Andrea and Alex talk backstage, as the two start kissing Rita walks angry that the two of them are together. Rita lays into Alex and Andrea for disrespecting Louis who she thinks is still alive. Alex tells her that the sooner she accepts that Louis is gone the sooner she can start to heal. After Rita and Andrea both rush off Peter tells Alex that he supports him in his decision to be with Andrea

In the commotion after Gamarra is shot Louis and Cully rush out followed by a few of Joey's men who have figured out the two left together. When two men go look at a shot and bleeding Vincent, Vincent mouths to them that he is the only one that can find the family, and they need him.

George comes home carrying bags of expensive items that he has purchased. Victoria tells him that they are starting to get in trouble financially and his shopping trips have to stop or they are going to be poor again.

Andrea stops by to get her things from Jessica's. Jessica is waiting for her and tells her to be quick, she adds that apparently they were never friends, just like Alex was never her boyfriend.

Suzy meets with Frank, Andrea and Harold's lawyer and tells him that she has proof that George was responsible for Louis's death.

Jessica stops by the television station and asks her father to fire Alex from the television station.

Louis and Cully stop briefly for Louis to examine Cully's gunshot wound, the bullet went in and out so he thinks he can hang on until they put some miles behind them.

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