Here Comes The Bride

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

Jessica finds out about Alex and Andrea, and Louis isn't able to avoid his wedding to Cara.

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Louis and Cully empty Gamarras safe into bags. Cully tries to convince Louis to leave before the wedding, but Louis convinces Cully to wait until the wedding begins and the gates to Gamarra's house are open and easier to move in and out of.

Cara wakes up and immediately turns into turbo bride making phone calls to the cater, DJ and other people associated with the wedding to make sure it goes off exactly as she wants.

Andrea and Alex wake up together on the beach. The two briefly talk and then make love once again. Afterwards Alex tells her that he feels like he betrayed Louis by being with her. Andrea tells him that Louis is gone, and the two of them feel right together. Later as the two start to leave the beach Alex tells Andrea that last night was the single most important night of his entire life. The two kiss goodbye as an angry Jessica watches from inside.

Christoph stops by the restaurant just as George and Victoria are talking about how their sales are dropping and they need to try and get Christoph back. When Christoph asks for his job back Victoria and George tell him they will hire him back if he is willing to work for a 10% reduction in pay.

When Andrea walks back into her apartment Jessica is waiting for her. Jessica gets upset with Andrea for getting together with Alex and tells her she is no longer welcome to live with her.

At Gamarra's Cully and Louis discuss Lucio, one of Gamarra's men they think may be onto their scheme. Cully tells Louis he will take care of him for at least a few hours.

After Cully leaves the room Joey enters and tells Louis is has something to discuss with him. Joey apologizes for being so hard on Louis and tells him he only wants the best for his daughter. Louis tells him he has fallen for his daughter and wants their marriage to work.

Outside of Louis's room Lucio is eavesdropping on their conversation. Cully comes up from behind him and knocks him out, dragging his limp body away from the door.

At the television studio Alex nervously gets ready for his television debut. Andrea stops by and tells him she will be watching the taping. When Alex tells her to steer clear of his disapproving mother Andrea tells Alex about Jessica. After finishing his conversation with Andrea Alex makes his way out to set to begin his first taping of Food For Love.

Cully pays a caterer to set fire to the tent. As the fire begins Louis is standing beside Joey. Joey rushes to the tent to see to the fire leaving Louis behind and unattended. Cully and Louis get outside and are about to leave when they run into two of Gamarra's men. Slightly detained they are approached by drunk Vincent who threatens to kill him for not really wanting Cara. When they are finally able to control Vincent Joey appears and tells then the fire is out and they can return to the wedding.

As the wedding begins Louis thinks back to when he proposed to Andrea.

Wednesday on Desire:

A drunk Vincent shows up at the wedding and shots are fired!

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