Andrea's Story

Friday, October 6th, 2006

Andrea finds out the truth about louis, and Alex admits that he still loves her.

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Joey ties Louis up to chair and beat him for making a phone call. Joey gets Louis to give him the phone, and then asks him where he got it. Louis tells him he picked the phone up off the table during the fitting for the wedding. Cara comes in as Vincent starts to beat him, Cara convinces them to stop beating Louis.

Andrea and Jessica go to the beach. Jessica notices that Andrea has brought the note Louis wrote her, they briefly discuss, and Jessica asks her if she's met someone. Andrea flashes back to when she first met Louis in the bathroom the night she turned down George's proposal.

While Jessica is in the ocean swimming Andrea calls Alex and leaves a message.

Daniel and Claudia eat at Bella. Alex comes out and has Daniel listen to Andreas message and tell him where she is.

Andrea tells Jessica she is upset Louis died without an answer to his marriage proposal. Jessica decides to go shower and go out on the town and leaves Andrea to reflect by herself on the beach.


Alex comes and finds her on the beach and the two talk. Both of them are afraid they are going to betray Louis's memory by being together. Andrea asks Alex when he started thinking about the two of them together, and he responds with the same time you did. The two then reminisce about when they met, and the romantic meal they shared locked in the kitchen.

Andrea tells Alex that the letter Louis wrote is what pushed him over the top and made her go out with him. Alex tells her that Louis didn't write the letter. Andrea figures out that Alex wrote the letter, and asks him if he still feels the same way. Alex tells Andrea he loves her, and the two kiss.

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