A Star is Born

Thursday, October 5th, 2006

Christoph's plans have unforseen consequences, and Joey receives an infuriating phone call.

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Christoph recieved a job hosting the television show "Food For Love" a romantic cooking show that Andrea serves as the consultant for.Andrea got the job from Jessicas father Allistar who is the head of the television station.

Christoph is making out with a woman on the set. When another one comes in her asks her to join in, only to find out the woman is Allistars wife, causing Christoph to be immediatly fired.


Joey has plans to have his daughter Cara marry Louis. Once Louis and Cara are married he will kill Louis. There is no shame in his daughter being a widow, but there is in her being an un-wed mother. Once Joey came up with the plan to marry the two and then kill Louis he has been a pretty calm gangster.

Louis gets aphone and calls Andreas house. When gerge answers he is confused. george upset taht louis could make a call places a phone call to Vincent and lets them know Louis has a phone.


Suzy bribed George to allow her to stay in his home and receive a weekly allowance in exchange for keeping quiet about Georges involvement in Louis's disappearance. George burns the one piece of evidence Suzy had linking George to Louis's disappearace and moved Erica in as well. Suzy makes George an offer.


Alex now knows about all of the lies Louis told Andrea and Jessica in order to make the situation go his way. Now that louis is out of the picture, Alex's feelings for Andrea ware still going strong. Will Alex and Andrea finally be able to be together?

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