A Needle In A Haystack

Monday, October 2nd, 2006

Kate's body is found, Cully befriends Louis, and george pays off the detective once again.

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In LA Kate's body washes up on shore. As Detective Hawkins tries to convince Lynn to leave the body and make it someone else's problem Lynn finds Kates nametag on her nurses uniform.

At Joey's house Joey brings Louis breakfast. Louis asks for a phone and Joey tells him that is Louis gets his loved ones involved, then Joey will have to get involved with them as well, which is not what anyone wants.

Jessica and Andrea talk about how great it is they're now roommates. Andrea tells Jessica that she misses the restaurant, the restaurant was her life. Jessica tells her that her dad is the president of programming at the dining channel, they decide to maybe get Andrea a job there instead.

Frank stops by and tells Andrea and Jessica about Kate.

The maid is questioned by Lynn and Detective Hawkins about the last night Kate was alive. The maid suggests that they talk to the Marstens about Harold.

When the detectives question Victoria she says the Kate was always late because she spent all her time at the beach, and had a drinking problem.

Andrea visits Alex and Louis's mom. Alex takes Andrea home and Andrea asks Alex if he ever thinks Louis is alive. Alex tells her that he thinks he is gone.

Victoria comes home to find Suzy lounging in the living room. Suzy has brought a suitcase of her belongings. Victoria tells her not to get too comfortable because George isn't serious about her. Suzy tells her that as long as she has info connecting George to Louis's murder she will settle for some cash and an occasional roll in the hay.

Cara comes into Louis's room in the middle of the night wearing some skimpy lingerie. The two start to make-out and Louis stops her telling her that he is engaged to someone else. Cara gets out of bed when Vincent starts banging on the door. Cara tells Louis that Vincent is in love with her, but does not admit that the two slept together.

Vincent comes into the room and starts to threaten Louis. Cully comes in and tells Vincent to leave Louis alone or he will tell Gamarra. Vincent leaves, Louis asks Cully to play cards with him.

George is questioned by the detectives. George tells them that she liked to drink and go to the beach. Hawkins tells Lynn to leave and then tells George he knows he spinning a big story. Hawkins tells him he knows he did it, and asks what is it worth to George to keep him from proving it.

Lynn and Detective Hawkins discuss Kate's case. Lynn makes several theories but Detective Hawkins tries to convince her it is an accident.

Rita and Peter get ready to go to Kate's funeral. Peter tells Rita that since she came back into his life he wants to be a good man for her. The two kiss, and Alex walks in and tells them to "try and look sad, it is a funeral".

Victoria and George discuss going to the funeral. Victoria says she doesn't want to waste a night at a funeral for the help of a deceased friend. George thinks she doesn't want to go because she was the one who killed her

A funeral is held for Kate. After the funeral Jessica tells Alex that she thinks Kate may have gotten in the way for George and Victoria and that's why she was killed.


Louis and Cully go raid the game room at Gamarras and find a safe behind a couch..

Tuesday on Desire...

Will Louis and Cully get to Gamarras money before Louis has to marry Cara?

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