Two Months Later...

Friday, September 29th, 2006

Andrea returns from Italy and Louis agrees to marry Cara.

Two Months Later... image

Louis gives in to save his family and Andrea.

Two months later

Louis has still refused to marry Cara. Joey decides to kill Louis, and tells Louis he will also kill Louis's family, his pretty little girlfriend (Andrea) and let Cara find a husband on her own.

As Joey holds a gun to Louis's head, about to kill him, Louis agrees to marry Cara in order to save his family and Andrea.


Victoria waves as Andrea and Frank drive off from the house.

Andrea returns from Italy. Frank tells her that the power of attorney her father signed is iron clad, and that her family fortune now belongs to George and Victoria. There is no point in Andrea continuing to fight George and Victoria who are now squadering her families fortune.


Andrea makes a stop by her old restaraunt.

Before Andrea goes to visit Jessica, she stops by her old restaraunt and tells George that he has ruined what made that place special. When she arrives at Jessica's, she tells her that it is hard being back in LA because she thinks about all of the time she spent there with her father and Louis.

During their discussion. Jessica tells Andrea that Kate is still missing, and that the police have decided to stop looking for her.


Cara and Vincent share a dangerous secret.

Cara and Vincent discuss a one-night stand that they had together. Cara tells Vincent that they had agreed to never talk about that night again. Cara is afraid what Joey will do to Vincent if he finds out the two slept together. Vincent says he won't allow Cara to marry Louis while his child is growing inside her.

Monday on Desire:

Will Joey find out Vincent is the father of Cara's baby?

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