What Is Past Is Prologue

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

Alex tells Rita Louis is dead, Louis refuses to marry Cara, and Victoria and George take all of Andreas inheritance.

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Victoria calls the nurse into Harold's room seemingly alarmed that he is not breathing. The nurse asks Victoria to call an ambulance; Victoria says she will but does not. Victoria convinces George that Harold would have died soon anyway and killing him was not murder, it was an act of mercy.

Alex tells Peter that he can't believe Louis is really gone. Peter says that there is nothing that they can do about it now, and they will tell Rita gently.

Joey once again approaches Louis and asks him to marry Cara. When Louis once again refuses to marry Cara, Joey tells Vincent to "hurt him".

At the hospital a doctor comes out and tells George and Victoria that Harold has died. When the doctor leaves the room Victoria tells George to call Frank and get a list of their assets in one hour. George tells Victoria he thinks they should call Andrea first, he calls her and tells her that her father is there, but doesn't tell her he is dead.

Andrea arrives at the hospital and finds out her father has passed away.

In LA Peter and Louis arrive home, Alex decides that he will be the one to tell Rita Louis is dead. Alex tells his mother that Gamarra admitted that Louis was killed. When Rita finds out that neither of them saw the body she tells them he is not dead. Rita runs out of the house. Alex tells Peter he wants to kill Gamarra.

Cara confronts Joey about torturing Louis into marrying her. Cara says she wants Louis to want to marry her an asks Joey if she can talk to him alone.

Alex goes to the restaurant to see Andrea and bumps into Jessica, her tells her Louis is dead and declines her efforts to console him.

Louis asks Cully how he can work for Gamarra. Cully says that he owes Gamarra for taking him in when he needed someone. Cully tries to convince Louis to marry Cara telling him that there was worse things than marrying a hot rich girl. Louis declines because he is in love with someone else.


Cara tells her friends that Louis is in the guest house. She is decided what outfit to wear to see him when she tells her friends that she is pregnant.

At the hospital Alex sits outside with Andrea. Andrea tells Alex she feel like everyone she cares about is being taken away one by one, Alex tells her that she still has friends that care about her.

Andrea arrives home to find George and Victoria in her living room.Andrea asks the two to leave. George tells her that it is now his house and she is trespassing, he also tells her that she is fired from the restauarnt that is also now theirs.

Jessica tells Andrea on the phone she can come live with her and Suzy. Jessica then tells Suzy that george stole Andreas entire fortune, and she will have to choose Andrea or George, there is no middle ground.

Cara goes to visit Louis and tells him she really felt a connection with him the night they slept together.Louis tells her all of the bad consequences sleeping with her has caused him. Louis tells her he is in love with someone else. Cara tells him that he's with her now, and he should accept it.

Cara talks to Joey and tlls him that Louis doesn't want her. Joey tells her that he will come around, he just needs a little encouragement. Vincent tells joey he thinks louis marrying Cara is a horrible idea, that Louis will agree but then skip town. Instead Vincent suggests that he marry cara.

Alex tells Andrea he thinks its very convinient that Harold signed the papers and then passed away.Andrea tells Jessica and Alex she is planning to go to Italy. Suzy tells the group she is going to see George.

A funeral is held for Harold.Andrea recites a poem. At the funeral Jessica tries to hold Alex's hand and he shys away.

Joeys men force Louis to drink milk so he does not die.

Victoria, George and Suzy toast to their new found fortune in Andreas home.

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