Ashes To Ashes

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

Alex is convinced Louis is dead and Harold is killed by Victoria and George.

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Upset by Kate's murder George starts drinking shots. Victoria comments that it is early to be drinking, and George justifies his drinking with Kate's body being on their floor. Victoria tells George they are going to rent a boat to dispose of Kate's body, George wonders if his sister has committed murder before.

Alex and Peter look at the graves of Alex and Louis. Peter asks where they will find Louis, and Alex responds with Gamarras house. Alex tells peter his plan is to just knock on Joey's door and ask where Louis is.

Andrea calls Kate and leaves a message asking where she is. Andrea is concerned about Kate's disappearance.

Cully brings Louis another meal. Louis asks Cully why he is still there, Cully tells him that Gamarra is probably trying to figure out what to do with him now that he knows he didn't rape Cara. Cully says that it doesn't look good for him.

Daniel calls Claudia and asks her to hang out with him, Claudia is running errands and refuses at first but then accepts his invitation.

Andrea finds George at the bar at the restauarnt where he is drinking on the job. Andrea unknowingly lets george know her father is alone at home. When Andrea leaves George calls victoria and tells her Harold is unattended.

George and Victoria stop by to visit Harold. Victoria asks Harold's new nurse to leave and the two try to wake him up to sign the document.

Joey looks at pictures and baby shoes of a younger Cara. Vincent comes in and tells Joey there are two men looking for Louis at the gate.

Vincent goes out to the gate and tries to get Alex and Peter to leave. Joey walks up to the two and claims to have no knowledge of Louis or his whereabouts. When Joey asks the two to leave Alex refuses unless Joey kills him. After some discussion Joey decides to let Alex and Peter in.

As Joey talks to Alex, telling him his brother is dead, Louis cuts himself free and yells for Alex whom he sees on the patio. Cully catches Louis and tells him the glass is bullet and sound proof, and banging on it isn't worth the trouble he would be in. Joey tells Alex that Louis was killed on his way back to New Jersey. Joey warns that if Alex tries something like this again Alex and his family will also be dead. Alex leaves and tells peter Louis is dead.


George and Victoria tell Harold that Louis is a con artist who marries wealthy women and takes them for everything their worth, then killing them. Harold pleads with George to help him, and to keep Louis from taking him for everything he's worth.

Joey goes to talk to Louis and tells him that Cara is having his child. Joey tells Louis that he is going to marry Cara and take care of her and her child, or he is going to die.

At the spa Jessica tells Suzy she feels bad being pampered when her friends are having such a tough time. Jessica questions Suzy on why George is paying for all of her clthes spa days etc. When Jessica tells Suzy Alex cares about her Suzy tells her she was the consolation prize.

Daniel and Claudia go on a walk through the park, eventually kissing and then sleeping together with Claudia wearing a blindfold to simulate blindness.

Harold pleads with George to help him save his money from Louis. george gives him the power of attorney and attempts to covince hi to sign it, telling him it was drawn up by his lawyer Frank.

In New Jersey, Louis tells Joey he refuses to marry Cara. Louis will not marry someone he doesn't even know. Joey tells Cully to tie Louis up and promises to torture louis so long that he will wish he was dead, now that everyone else thinks that he is.

Harold signs the power of attorney and gives it to George. As Harold is talking to George Victoria injects something into Harolds IV causing him to die.

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