Wednesday, September 20th, 2006

Harold has a heart attack, and Joey's men finally catch up with Louis

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At Peters house Louis returns and tells Alex he is leaving and Andrea is leaving with him. Louis tells him he saw some of Gamarras men outside the restaurant and has to leave now. He doesn't have time to say goodbye to Rita and asks Alex to say goodbye for him. As Louis is about to leave Rita arrives and tries to convince Louis to stay unsuccessfully. She gives him a small amount of money and tearfully sends him on his way.

Andrea writes her father a note letting him know she is leaving town with Louis and not to try and find her. She packs up her room and leaves her room.


In New Jersey Cara talks to her friends about Louis. Cara tells her friends that she lied to her father about Louis forcing himself on her. One of her friends suggest she tell her father the truth just as Joey walks in.

Heather, one of the waitstaff is promoted into Penelopes old job as bartender by George.

Christoph approaches Daniel in the locker room. Christoph tells Daniel that he destroyed his marriage and to stay away from Claudia. Daniel tells Christoph that he known he poisoned his drink and Penelope is dead because she drank from his glass. Christoph tells Daniel he is a dead man, as he grabs Daniel Harold enters.

Joey confronts Cara about her conversation with her friends. Joey asks what Cara needs to tell him the truth about. Joey asks if she needed to tell him something about Louis, and she tells him she broke a lamp and that's what she was upset about. After their conversation Cara goes to the study and breaks the lamp.

Andrea prepares to leave home. She starts to place a note on the table when Harold enters. Andrea tells Harold that she is serious about Louis. Harold sees her suitcases and asks where she is going. Andrea tells her father she is going to Jessica's house, and she needs to let go. Andrea once again places the note on the table and then leaves.

Harold finds Andreas note letting her father know she has run off with Louis. He runs after her and has an attack on the front steps collapsing. Andrea sees her father collapse and runs to his aid yelling for the maid to call 911.

Andrea calls Alex on the kitchen phone. She asks if Alex has seen Louis, and that her father has had a heart attack. Andrea tells Alex that she was supposed to meet Louis at the park at 5, and asks Alex to go instead and tell him she will not be coming.

Jessica arrives at the hospital. Andrea tells her that she thinks that her father's heart attack was her fault because she upset him. Andrea holds back from telling her that she was leaving with Louis.

As he is about to leave George stops Alex and asks where he is going. Alex asks George how to get to the park pavilion, George tries to lead Alex astray so that Joey's men can get to Louis before Alex gets there. Alex bumps into Peter on his way out of the restaurant and Peter tells him where the park pavilion actually is.

At the park pavilion Louis remembers his times with Andrea as he waits for her to arrive. At 5:20 Louis starts to give up waiting just as Joey's men arrive and set out after Louis. Alex arrives just in time to see Joeys men attack Louis.

Thursday on Desire...

Joey's men have Louis, wlhat will they do with him?

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