Turning A Blind Eye

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

Claudia leaves Christoph, Cara confronts her father, and Louis proposes to Andrea.

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George is meeting with Cully and Vincent in their car once again. Erica notices they are talking and gets into the car to join in the conversation. After she introduces herself as Georges business partner, Vincent gets angry at the two and says he will only pay what he had originally promised George for Louis alone.

Andrea approaches Harold to talk about Penelope. Andrea considers confronting her father about paying off the detective to bury Penelope's murder, she thinks better of it and decides not to talk to him about it.

Claudia listens to her cell phone messages from Christoph. The messages get angrier and angrier and Christoph accuses Claudia of being with Daniel when she does not return home.

Andrea visits Detective Hawkins at the police station. Hawkins tells Andrea Penelope was killed by peanut oil in her salad dressing. Andrea asks for the case to be re-opened because she saw him with her father the day before being handed cash. He denies being paid off and tells Andrea to leave.

Daniel looks for Christoph in the wine cellar. Christoph asks Daniel where his wife is, Daniel attacks Christoph and tells him he knows he was trying to kill him when Penelope was accidentally killed.

Harold calls George into his office and tells him he isn't comfortable with paying off the detective. George convinces Harold that paying off Hawkins was the best decision. The two then discuss Andrea dating Louis and Harold tells George he will fire Louis from the restaurant.

Andrea's maid tells her Louis stopped by to visit her. Andrea explains to Kate and Jessica how Louis has screwed up their relationship. Andrea admits to her friends that she loves Louis.

Back at home Alex and Peter talk about Peter being the boy's father. Peter once again explains his position when he left, and asks Alex for his forgiveness. Louis comes home and tells everyone he plans on leaving with Andrea.

Cara talks to her father and tells him she doesn't want Louis to be hurt. Joey tells her that Louis crossed the line and was going to pay.

Claudia eats at the restaurant Rita has just started at. Christoph unexpectedly walks in and sits down a Claudia's table. Claudia tells Christoph she is leaving him, and asks him to get all of his things out of her house immediately.

Andrea confronts her father and asks what was in the envelope he gave detective Hawkins. Harold agrees and tells George to go talk to the detective and have the case re-opened.

Louis is walking down the street outside of the restaurant and sees Joey's men waiting for him. He runs through the bushes before he catches their attention and enters the restaurant through the kitchen looking for Andrea. Harold approaches Louis and tells him that he doesn't want Andrea dating him anymore and for that reason he is going to fire him. Louis tells Harold he loves his daughter and wants to know where she is, Andrea responds from behind him where she is standing.

Louis asks Andrea to leave town with him. When she accepts Louis asks her to go with him as his wife. Unable to answer then Louis asks Andrea to get her stuff together and meet him at the park at 5pm. Erica overhears their plans and tells Joey's men they can find Louis at the park at 5.

Wednesday on Desire...

Will Joey's men find Louis and Andrea?

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