Pretty Poison

Friday, September 15th, 2006

Joey's men attack Peter, Harold collases and is taken to the hospital, and Christoph accidentally poisions Penelope.

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Andrea and Louis go out to dinner. At dinner they run into Frank, her fathers lawyer at the restaurant. Andrea introduces Louis to Frank as "the new coat check", which obviously bruises his ego.

Penelope tells Christoph that their sneaking around has gotten old. Penelope asks Christoph to leave his wife. Christoph says he will never leave his wife, at which point Penelope implies to Christoph that Penelope may be cheating on him with Daniel.

At dinner George tells Victoria about Joey's men he met in jail. Victoria warns George to be wary of these men, even though they have the same goal George does to get rid of Louis.

The next day Harold and Frank come home from playing tennis. Frank tells Harold that he saw Andrea out with Louis the night before, while the two discuss Harold gets winded and has to sit down. Frank calls the hospital.

George tells Joeys men that Louis and Alex work at the restaurant.

Harold confronts Andrea about going out with Louis. Harold tells Andrea that Louis is not good enough for her. The two quarrel and Andrea grabs a bag and tells her father she is leaving him and moving in with Jessica, or maybe Louis. Harold tells her if she goes with Louis he is going to cut her off. Not swayed by his threats Andrea turns to leave, as she does Harold collapses on the floor

At the hospital Louis comforts Andrea who thinks her fathers collapse was her fault. Andrea tells Louis that she and her father fought over him right before his collapse. Kate approaches and offers to wait with Andrea.

In bed Penelope accuses Christoph of not having his heart in making love to her. Christoph says his heart is in nothing the two of them do which obviously bruises Penelope. Penelope tells Christoph that she can't do this anymore and encourages him to leave his wife again. Christoph tells her that Claudia is a wife and Penelope is not. He tells her that Daniel will not be a problem much longer.

Outside the restaurant Joey's men see Peter and Rita leave together. They recognize Rita as Louis's mother and follow the two back to Peters house. They decide to wait outside Peters house until Louis returns. Inside the house Rita and Peter talk about telling the boys that peter is their father. Rita decides to leave to walk to the store, once she leave Joey's men knock on the door. Joey's men enter Peters house an attack him.

Alex comes to visit Andrea at the hospital. Andrea has just found out her fathers attack was form eat exhaustion and shares the news with Alex. Andrea asks Alex if his brother is a womanizer and Alex gives Louis a glowing review to Andrea making him seem a lot better than he actually is.

Christoph approaches Daniel and tells him once again to stay away from his wife. Daniel tells Christoph to stop cheating on his wife that she deserves better. Christoph tells Daniel to watch his back and leaves.

In the kitchen Christoph replays all of the times he has seen Daniel with his wife in his mind. He then fills a small bottle with a cleaner with a disturbed expression on his face.

Joey's men tape Peter to a chair and repeatedly beat him when he refuses to give Louis up. Vincent pulls a gun to Peter's head, he still claims to not know where Louis and Alex are. The guys decide that they believe Peter and leave but promise to come back for Peter if they find out he lied. Once they leave they decide to return to the restaurant.

Erica asks George why he is not at the hospital with Andrea. The two begin to make out, Erica telling George that when he becomes the restaurant manager she would like to become manager.

Alex returns home to find Peter beaten and still taped to the chair. Peter tells Alex that he couldn't let anyone hurt his sons. Alex realizes that Peter is his father just as Rita returns from her walk.

At the restaurant Daniel orders a Brandy. When Penelope places it on eth counter Christoph pours some of the liquid from the bottle into his glass.

At the hospital George visits Andrea and Harold. Andrea argues with George outside of her fathers room about coming to the hospital. George tells Andrea to take as much time off as she wants he has the restaurant under control.

Louis arrives later to visit Andrea again. Andrea tells Louis she wants him there, and that her father will warm up to him.

Back at the restaurant Penelope and Daniel decide to switch drinks Penelope now unknowingly getting the drink that has been tampered with. Later on Penelope collapses on the floor. Christoph watches with the crowd as Kate tries to help Penelope, then rushes off.

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