Desire Heats Up: Sugar and Spice

Monday, September 11th, 2006

Andrea goes on another date with Louis, Alex and Jessica kiss, and George and Suzy get arrested!

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The show opens with Andrea having a dream about Alex. In the dream Andrea sends everyone home from the restaurant. Andrea turns off all he lights and bumps into Alex in the kitchen. The two kiss and eventually make love.

In the kitchen at Peters house Peter asks Rita if she ever thinks about what life might have been like if he stayed with her and the boys. Rita accidentally cuts her hand and Peter attends to the cut, sharing a suggestive glance with Rita.

Jessica visits Alex at work and asks him out to dinner. Andrea stops by the restaurant unexpectedly to see Alex. She walks in and sees Alex with Jessica. When she sees the two together she briskly leaves the kitchen bumping into Louis.

Andrea heads for the bar and Louis follows quickly behind. Louis thanks Andrea for dinner the night before, and then gives her a hand massage. During the hand massage Louis asks Andrea out or drink later that night, she agrees if he will massage her other hand.

Louis and Andrea go to a wine bar. Andrea asks Louis what he wants out of life, and he responds with a restaurant in Beverly Hills, love and happiness. While the two are talking Alex arrives with Jessica to have dinner. After seeing the pair Andrea asks Louis to take her home. Alex sees Louis and Andrea leave and recalls their conversation from earlier about the pact being over and they both going after Andrea.

Erica walks into George's office. Erica tells George that Andrea was too good for George, she needs someone a little naughtier. Erica sits in Georges lap and the two make out. Cristoph walks in on them and asks to use the phone.

George takes Suzy to the bathroom. She refuses to go in and asks "What kind of girl do you take me for". George decides to instead take her to his car. In the car they resume their activities, with Suzy bumping into the horn occasionally. The occasional horn honking attracts the attention of the police who come and knock on the car window.

At Andreas house Louis goes in to kiss her and she turns away. He asks why and she says she has a lot going on with George and his proposal.

Alex takes Jessica home. When they arrive Jessica's roommate is not home. Jessica turns on some music and asks Alex to dance with her. The two dance, and when Alex dips Jessica the two kiss. Alex apologizes to Jessica for kissing her, and immediately leaves.

Victoria stops by to see Harold and discuss George and Andrea. Victoria and Harold discuss how they both think George and Andrea belong together.

Jessica calls Andrea and tells her that Alex kissed her. She thanks Andrea for introducing them. Andrea looks heartbroken as Jessica tells her how she could see herself falling in love with Alex pretty quickly

Peter comes home early from work and surprises Rita with Lilly's from the flower shop.

Cristoph and his mistress meet in the kitchen. Christoph tells her they have to be more careful since Daniel caught them earlier, he doesn't want his wife to find out about her.

Claudia, Cristophs wife comes and sits by Daniel. The two play a song on the piano, and t approaches upset that the two are interacting. Christoph and his wife exit together, Cristoph asks his wife to pull the car around while he goes back inside to get his wallet. Once inside Christoph picks a knife up off the table, and tells Daniel if he ever catches him talking to her again he will slit his throat. Before he returns to the call he wife sees Christophs wallet in the car, when he returns she asks him if he found it and he says "yes" letting her know he went back in for other reasons.

At home Alex asks Louis how his date with Andrea went. Alex reminds Louis of their pact, and tells Louis that this isn't finished.After Louis leaves the kitchen Alex sits down to write Andrea a note expressing his true feelings for her. He thinks better of the note and throws it away, missing the garbage. When he goes to bed Louis enters and notices the note beside the trash can. He takes the note and writes it over in his own handwriting.

At home Andrea asks Harold how he knew her mother was the one. Harold encourages

At home Andrea asks Harold how he knew her mother was the one. Harold encourages Andrea to give George a chance. Andrea tells him she values his opinion, but not to tell her who to love.

George and Suzy have mug shots taken at the police station. George and Suzy fight over whos fault their arrest was.

George was escorted to his cell, where Joey's goons are locked up. The goons talk about Louis and how they know he is alive. The two vow to find him as George listens in.

In the end we see a brief clip of a man being punched and a voice yelling "Louis".

Tuesday on Desire...

Will George tell Joey's men where to find Louis?

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