Tension Builds on Desire!

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Alex and Andrea spend hours alone locked in the kicthen of the restaurant. George comes up with more inventive ways to get the boys fired, and Louis and George join together to keep Alex and Andrea apart.

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In New Jersey Joeys guys tell him that Larry thought Rita and the boys were dead. They also tell him that Peter Evans lives in LA and is Rita's ex-husband. They decide to go track him down in LA to get information about Louis's whereabouts. Joey tells the guys not to come back without Louis.

In LA Andrea walks past Alex and Louis. Alex reminds Louis of the pact they made the night before to not go after her.

The head chef leaves the kitchen to sleep with Penelope, one of the wait staff in the wine cellar.

Jessica walks into the kitchen and encounters Alex with his shirt off. Andrea approaches the two and invites Alex to join them out on the town for a wine tasting that evening.

Jessica talks about Alex in the spa with two friends. She says Alex is Andrea's type, but she likes him. Suzy mentions that she finds George attractive.

Alex tells Andrea he is looking forward to having drinks with her later tonight. Erica overhears and Erica tells George she overhead that Andrea is having drinks with Alex. George says he will see to it that Alex doesn't go anywhere tonight.

Joey's goons arrive in LA. They rip the Evans page out of the phone book and begin their search for Peter.

George discovers a very nice bottle of wine in the wine cellar that the chef broke while having sex earlier with the wait staff.

George sends Alex to put away the wine and finds the broken wine. George comes downstairs immediately with Peter and blames Alex for the broken wine. He tells him he must stay late at work to work off the bottle of wine

Alex tells Andrea he can not come to the wine tasting but asks for a rain check. George approaches and ask Andrea to go to the wine tasting with him, she declines.

Louis comes to the kitchen and taunts Alex about not getting to go to the wine tasting. Louis leaves and George approaches reminding Alex that he can be replaced.

Outside the restaurant Andrea and Jessica discuss Alex. Andrea decides to go inside and try to convince Alex to go. Once inside she chickens out. As she tries to leave for the tasting, George locks the doors to the kitchen hoping to lock Alex in overnight. Little did he know, Andrea was still in the kitchen and the two were locked in together.

Alex tries to escape the kitchen through the ceiling tiles and falls.

Meanwhile Joey's goon are knocking door to door looking for Peter Evans.

Louis calls home to see if Alex is home yet from work, so he can come to the wine tasting. While on the phone Peter shows up.

Peter confronts Rita about telling the boys their father is dead.

In the kitchen Andrea has put frozen peas on Alex's head. Alex finds out that Andrea hasn't eaten yet and decides to cook her dinner. Andrea describes the meal as the best meal she's ever had.

At the wine tasting George and Louis discover that Andrea and Alex are trapped together in the restaurant and team up to go to the restaurant and get them out.

In the restaurant Alex and Andrea have a heart to heart about love. Andrea asks who the mystery girl is that has captured Alex's heart. Alex says it is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen, but he can't tell the girl. Andrea tells he should tell the girl no matter what the consequence, because what is more important than love?

Peter explains to Rita that he left because he was ashamed because he couldn't support his family. Peter apologizes for leaving her, and tells her she can depend on him now. Rita tells Peter that she and the boys are ok without him.

Louis and George arrive together at the restaurant where Andrea and Alex are locked in. the two bust into the kitchen just as Alex is about to tell her he loves her.

Andrea tells George she is happy she got locked into the kitchen with Louis.

Louis tells Alex he has no game, only food.

Rita kicks Peter out of her home and tells him she called him only because there was no one else to call.

As he leaves two hooded men come into Ritas home and attack her

Friday on Desire we will find out who attacked Rita and what they plan on doing with her.

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