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Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

Two brothers after the same girl, a marriage proposal turned down, and brother working or the father they have never know. Desire is off to a great start.

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Joey is the Mafia Boss.

Desire opens in New Jersey where Louis and Alex along with their mother Rita are working together in an Italian restaurant. Louis is the restaurant manager, and Alex is the restaurants chef. Mafia boss Joey Gammara arrives along with his posse to eat a meal.

Joey orders chicken parmesan, Alex decides to cook a different dish instead of the chicken parmesan he ordered. Alex thinks that if Joey tries that dish then he will love it and the restaurant will always be packed. You can get chicken parmesan anywhere, but this will be a dish only found there.

When presented with the dish Joey tries it. He tells Louis he does not like surprises, and then says "I want that dish prepared for me whenever I come in here".


Cara eyes the brothers from the table

While they are eating their meal, Joey's daughter Cara Gamarra checks out Louis and Alex from the table. Louis notices, Alex says to Louis "She's a customer Lois" and Louis says 'I'm here to serve".

Louis and Cara sleep together. We see the Joey in a car outside of the building they are in. He had his daughter followed. In the car he asks a man if he is sure Cara is upstairs with the boy from the restaurant,
when the man says yes Joey says, "I'm going to kill him". Joey goes upstairs and begins to beat on the door. Louis finding out that Joey is her father sneaks out the back window so he is not found. Joey sees him out the window and shoots down the alleyway after him.


Their home is destroyed in the fire.

Louis goes home and tells his mother and brother they need to get out of there. As they are questioning it they see Joey pull up. The family exits through the fire escape. Joey enters their house and turns on all of the eyes on the gas stove, he puts something in the toaster and pushes it down so the toaster is on and leaves. Just as Louis and his family reach the bottom of the fire escape they watch their apartment explode.

On the road Rita calls Peter Evans from a pay phone and says, "We are coming to see you". Rita returns to the car and tells the boys to "Get in the car, we're going to

In California, Peter walks authoritatively though the kitchen. Peter starts to talk harshly to a Miguel who had taken a piece of baguette. Andrea Zavatti the owner of the hotels daughter walks up and tells him to look the other way this time because Miguel's mother has just moved in with him. Peter backs down, but when Andrea walks away George approaches and fire Miguel.

Andrea sees her father Harold Zavatti and asks if he would like to go out with her after they close. Her dad tells her to spend the night with George she seems unhappy with the suggestion, her father says, "He's a good man"

Andrea meets George and tells him that she saw Miguel leaving. She tells him to re-hire Miguel. George resists, but Andrea insists.

Meanwhile in New JerseyJoey yells at Cara for sleeping with Louis. Cara says it was not her fault. Joey violently breaks a vase in front of Cara and asks her how it is not her fault. She says that Louis forced her.

Rita is talking on the phone with Peter and we learn that Peter is Alex and Louis's father. She says they have no money and the boys need work. After some discussion she convinces Peter and says the boys will be there at 5 o clock. We learn that peter is the boy's father, but he is not allowed to tell Amex and Louis.

George is talking to his sister Victoria and tells her that their fortunes are about to change. George tells Victoria that once her and Andrea are married her family will feel obligated to take care of their debt and they can once again live in style. George meanwhile asks his sister for her father's ring, which she is wearing to give to Andrea as an engagement ring.

Meanwhile, Andrea is talking to a friend and says George looks fine on paper, but there is no spark she feels like she is with George because she feels like she has to be. Andrea tells her friends she is going to break it off with George tonight.

Louis and Alex arrive at the hotel, the meet Peter and tell him that they are a chef and a manager. Peter says, "Tonight you're a coat check and a line cook"

Andrea tells Susie she is going to break it off with George tonight. Susie insists that George is a catch, and is everything a girl could possibly want.


George proposes to Andrea

George and Andrea walk into the surprise party he has created for her. At the surprise party George calls a toast for Andreas birthday and then proposes to her. Andreas's response is "We need to talk". George asks her to say yes and then they'll talk. Andreas insists on talking now, or she will make a scene.

George kicks everyone out of the kitchen for their discussion. Andrea says "No" to his propsal, and breaks off their relationship. George tells Andrea that her father will be furious, and that he knows what is best for her.

Andrea walks out through the room of people at her party and approaches her father telling him that she knows he only wants what's best for her but she needs to figure that out for herself.

Outside Andrea cries in her car. She then accidentally backs into Alex who is taking out the trash. Unscathed by the hit, Alex says she looks far too beautiful in her dress to make it such an early night. Meanwhile we see Louis in the coat check.

Taking Alexs advice Andrea heads back in to the bar. A man accidentally spills a glass of red wine on her dress. Andrea heads to the restroom to clean it off.

Louis attempts to drink a beer that was on the coat check. It has a cigarette in it. He runs into the women's bathroom, to rinse out his mouth and encounters Andrea who is in her underwear. Louis suggests she use white wine and sea salt on her dress. She asks him to go get her some. When he brings them back he places a rose in the white wine.

Susie finds George and offers to go home with him and help "ease his pain" George accepts and Susie leave together giving the viewers the impression they are going to sleep together.

Alex and Louis are telling each other about the woman they met that night that they both claim to be "in love" with. When Andrea enters the room they realize that they are both "in love" with the same woman and Louis suggests a "gentlemen's bet" over who will get her.

At the coat check Andreas father asks Louis for him and Alex to stay on.

Meanwhile in New Jersey Joeys men tell him that the paper says no bodies were found in the fire. Joey vows to find Louis and put "his head on a stick".

Tomorrow on Desire...

Will Andrea choose Alex or Louis or will she go back to George?

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