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Watch the hottest new Telenovela: Desire!

September 5th My Network TV releases a new soap opera for nighttime viewers. Desire is the story of two brothers Louis and Alex who have to flee their New Jersey home after one of the brothers Louis, sleeps with the Mafia bosses daughter. With the mafia boss Joey Gammara hot on their trail, the brothers try to start a new life in California where they are unknowingly working under the father they have never know. To further complicate matter the brothers meet and begin to fall in love with the same woman. Which brother will get the girl, and will the mafia boss find them?

Desire is a soap done in telenovele format airing 5 nights a week for 13 weeks. Each Saturday viewers can catch a summary show highlighting the events of the week, and at the end of the 13 week run the shows plot line will be resolved in a dramatic finale.

Desire stars Zack Silva, Nate Haden, Tomy Dunster, Chris DeRose,and several other television favorites.

Desire is set to premiere on September 5th. You can get aquainted with the entire cast, and be in on all the gossip by watching some of the prequels at

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