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    Desire CAST - Detective Rachel Lin - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Detective Rachel Lin Played by Chuti Tiu on Desire Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chuti Tiu

    Real Name: Chuti Tiu
    Web site:


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    Every Story Has An End

    Tuesday, December 05 2006

    Alex yells out to George, and George points his gun towards Alex. While George's back is turned, Louis takes his gun and shoots George in the back. George is startled, and when he turns around to retalate, the police arrive. Detective Lin tells George to, "Drop it Marsten!" George refuses, and Lin shoots him, killing him.


    Monday, December 04 2006

    Cully gives Louis his car and wishes him the best in his attempt to get Andrea back. once Louis and Alex leave, Cully calls Detective Lin and asks for her help, telling her what is going on.

    Cully gives Louis his car and wishes him the best in his attempt to get Andrea back. once Louis and Alex leave, Cully calls Detective Lin and asks for her help, telling her what is going on.

    Making Deals

    Tuesday, November 28 2006

    Alex comes to the police station and tells Lin that Louis is willing to talk, but he wants to first negotiate for his freedom, alone, with Lin. Andrea and Rita approach and Alex tells them that Louis contacted him, and is trying to make amends for his wrongdoings.

    Alex brings Lin to talk to Louis. Alex talks to him first, and tells him to take whatever deal Lin offers him. When Louis talks to Lin, she tells him all of the charges the feds have against him. She tells him the deal the feds are willing to offer Louis will require him to link the dirty money to the Gamarra's. Louis tells her that he's willing to strike a deal so he and Cully can walk, but not if it involves him seeing the Gamarra's. After some discussion Lin and Louis come up with a plan that involves Louis brining the money, and a bug, into the Gamarra's. If he does it he can walk, if they get anything they can use off the bug, then Cully can walk as well.

    Outside the feds remark that Louis should be back by now and load their guns, prepared to go into the hotel after Louis. As they are about to leave Louis gets into the van. They all listen to the bug, and the feds find out Cara needs the money to buy 100 kilo's of heroine from Serge. Cara comes downstairs to pick up the money, and the feds get pictures of her picking it up and driving off. One of the feds remarks as she leaves, “Cara Gamarra has just bought herself a ticket to the party. She is going to help us fry a much bigger fish”

    Two-Hour Desire Special

    Thursday, November 23 2006

    Lin calls the FBI, and tells them about the situation with Alex, and how Hawkins is involved. The FBI interviews Hawkins and he refuses to give up the Gamarra's.

    Later Andrea waits for Lin outside of the police station. Lin tells her she can't speak to a non family member about an on going investigation, but when Andrea presses she tells her that Alex is still being considered, but the feds are going to look at George and Victoria.

    Lin meets with Rita and Peter and tells them they are transferring Alex to county, which means they plan on keeping him for the long haul. Alex comes in and sees Rita, hugging her. Alex's lawyer tells him about being transferred, and tells him the county is going to be a lot different than the regular jail. Andrea comes in, as they are about to leave. She tells Alex that Cully left Louis, and that she loves him and will stand by him forever. She tells him she will visit him everyday, and Alex tells her he doesn't want her to come to prison and “holding on to a hope that doesn't exist” Alex tells her he loves her and starts to walk out. She stops him and kisses him before he leaves.

    At the hotel Cara insists on going to Louis's to get the money. Marco tries to convince her not to go “That's why you have soldiers” she tells Marco she wants to stand beside her men.

    Louis tells Suzy she has to leave the house, that it is no longer safe there. She asks him if he wants to have sex one last time and he responds, “I hate long goodbyes”

    The mob leaves the hotel in matching tan Cadillac's to head to Louis's. They pull up outside of Louis's and ring the doorbell. Louis watches on from the security cameras inside and tells carmine “This is it!” The security cameras go blank and Asher fires gunshots at the men by the pool. Inside, Louis tells Asher he'll meet him in the driveway. Outside, the two guards by the pool are taken out by Asher and he proceeds inside. Louis looks for Suzy upstairs, when he comes downstairs Asher is waiting for him and shoots at him. Louis runs outside and gets in a car, surprised to see Suzy waiting for him. Louis runs a two car diversion, and then escapes with Cara following in an escalade. Cara stops a car that she thinks is Louis, only to find a middle-aged woman inside. Marco moves the bookcase and find the money is gone, calling Cara to let her know they've lost it.

    Later Marco comes to Cara's hotel room and finds her hystarical. Cara tells him “When your days away from having hit put on your head, your allowed to be hysterical.”

    At the jail Lin brings Alex a picture of Andrea. She tells him she called an old boyfriend who works at the jail and asked him to keep an eye on him. Alex asks her to also keep an eye out for Andrea and his family.

    Lin goes out to her car, and finds Cully waiting for her in the back of her car. He tells her “I hear you were looking for me”, Lin responds “It looks like I found you”

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