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    Desire CAST - Alistair

    Full detailed profile on Alistair Played by Michael Toland on Desire Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michael Toland

    Actor: Michael Toland


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    Monday, November 06 2006: Picking Sides

    Jessica meets with her father, and tells him she wants to sell the beach house so she can have money to invest in Alex's new restaurant. Alistair tells her that he won't allow her to sell the beach house, but he will lend her the money to help them get started.

    Tuesday, October 31 2006: Getting Served

    Louis stops by the station. She tells him that she does not want to see him anymore and there is nothing he can do to change her mind. He informs her that he is there to see Alistair….not her. Louis enters the office and introduces himself to Alistair. Louis tells him that he wants him to fire Alex and Andrea from the show…..effectively immediately! When he hesitates, Louis hands him an envelope with the pictures that Cully shot of him with Suzy. Louis reminds him that wives and children seem to be unforgiving over these types of things.

    Alistair asks to know why he would destroy his family to get even with Alex. Louis tells him that it has nothing to do with him. Alistair asks him to please not do this, and Louis informs him that he has until tomorrow to fire them. Alistair insists that he can't do that and Louis tells him to make it happen as he walks out. Louis passes Andrea on the way out with a smirk on his face….and tells her that it was great to see her.

    Andrea goes to see Alistair and inquires about what Louis wanted with him. Alistair nervously makes up a story…telling her that he just wanted to thank him for hiring his brother. Andrea looks in disbelief as he looks away from her. Alex shows up at the set and Andrea tells him that Louis came by today and went into Alistair's office. Alex insists that he is up to something and Andrea agrees. Alistair hurries out of the studio cutting his time with the two of them short.

    Alistair shows up to have dinner with his family. His wife and daughter notice the obvious stress that he is under, but he tells him that it was just a crazy day. Back at the studio Alex tells Andrea that they can't let Louis get to them. Peter shows up at the mansion to see Rita. She tells him that he Louis will be extremely upset if he finds out that he is there. Peter tells her that he can give her unconditional love and that Louis is just using her to get even with Alex. Cully shows up and wants to know what's going on. Peter starts to lose his cool wanting to know why Louis has Rita tucked away from everyone. Before he leaves he tells her that he and Alex really miss her, but Cully and Rita go inside leaving Peter alone.

    Tuesday, October 31 2006: Red Scare

    Alex and Andrea wonder if Louis is ever going to stop trying to ruin their lives. He reminds her that Louis usually doesn't give up when he sets his mind to something, but that they shouldn't worry about it. They enter the studio and wonder where everyone is at. They think that the security guard is joking when he approaches them and informs them that he has to escort them off of the property. He tells them that he has orders from Alistair…they look at each other and know that Louis is behind it. They request to see Alistair. They try to get through to Alistair, but he blames it on the network. He wishes them good luck and has them taken out. Alex tells her that it has to end….and that he is done talking!

    Alistair receives a call from the higher ups demanding to know why he let Alex go. He makes up a story about Alex sexually harassing people the same way that Christoph was. Andrea and Alex show up and inform Jessica of what happened. She tells them that she will talk to her father. Andrea tells her that she is more worried about what Alex is going to Louis when he finds him. Jessica defends her dad saying that he is a good man and that she will get to the bottom of it. Alex shows up at the restaurant screaming for Louis. Suzy and George inform him that Louis isn't there…..and they take to chance to tell him that he is not invited to the grand opening. Alex tells them to tell his brother that he is coming for him….and leaves.

    Louis and Cully enjoy a day at the spa and gloat about what they have done to Alex. They then start to discuss their enjoyment of seeing George as a coat check. Louis insists to Cully that Andrea will be back. Jessica goes to see her father and he informs her that he is sorry, but that he can't get into it with her. He has a drink and tells her that he just ended his career. Alistair tells her that all he can say is that he doesn't have a choice. She tells him that he needs to be able to talk to her about this. He tells her that he just has to trust her on this.

    Suzy warns Christoph not to mess with the piano player (Daniel). He gets upset and goes back to the kitchen. Cara's mob member orders a drink at the bar and waits for the restaurant to fully open. Louis shows up at the studio and interrupts Jessica's meeting with her dad. Jessica tells Louis that he needs to move on with his life and leave them all alone. Louis tells her that there isn't a good person in the room and hands her the envelope with the photos and leaves.

    Alistair tells Jessica that the pictures were a set up. Jessica asks him how he could do this and how many of her other friends he has slept with. He tells her that he loves her mother so much and that this has never happened before and will never happen again. She asks her father what he is going to do. He asks her what she thinks her mother would do if he told her. Jessica tells him that she would probably leave him and that if it is only what he says it is….then he doesn't need to tell her. She also tells him that she knows that he can't hire Andrea and Alex back because Louis most definitely has other copies of the pictures.

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