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    Desire CAST - Christoph

    Full detailed profile on Christoph Played by Xavier Tournaud on Desire Daytime Soap Opera.

    Xavier Tournaud

    Actor: Xavier Tournaud


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    Wednesday, November 29 2006: You Can't Go Home Again

    George and Victoria visit Christoph and attack him, tying him to a chair. George tells Victoria he wants to kidnap Andrea, get the money, and then kill her. George tells Christoph that he is going to dispose of Andrea's body in his apartment, and then kill him and make it look like Christoph was responsible. Christoph takes Victoria, and threatens to break her neck. George raises a gun to Christoph, and then changes his mind and goes after Christoph with his hands, beating him savagely to his death.

    Later as he cleans the blood off of his hands, Geroge tells Victoria they will get Andrea tomorrow, and when Louis brings them the money, they will kill them both!

    Wednesday, November 15 2006: May the Best Chef Win!

    At the taping for “Food For Love” Christoph and Alex has a small verbal fight backstage. Once on stage the dish they must cook is revealed as Bouillabase. Christoph eats up a pan, and then switches it with Alex's cold pan, causing him to burn his hand. For the judging, Christoph serves his dish, and then Alex. The critic tells Christoph he is “an artist”. After tasting Alex's dish the critic selects Alex as the winner. Andrea rushes to his side, kissing him. An angry Louis and Suzy get up and leave, as they do Alex yells “don't leave, you wanted this and now you get what you deserve”.

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