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    Desire CAST - Lucio

    Full detailed profile on Lucio Played by Alan Ursillo on Desire Daytime Soap Opera.


    Actor: Alan Ursillo


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    Tuesday, October 17 2006: Louis is Back!

    Later as Cara and her friends sunbathe Lucio and several men break into the house. The men survey the situation and Lucio tells them, “No matter what, Cara dies”.

    Friday, October 13 2006: Cara Takes Over the Family!

    Lucio talks to a group of Joey's men and tells then Vincent is the only one who can run the family properly.

    Later Marco talks to Cara about who will head the family. Marco tells her that Vincent is all the choice they have, and Cara suggests that she run the company. Marco is reluctant to agree with Cara, but eventually she wins him over, and she gets Marco to agree to be her right hand man.

    Marco comes back into the room of men and suggests that they choose Cara as their leader. Cara enters the room and tells the men that its her family and she's in charge now.

    After the funeral Marco comes and talks to Cara. Cara tells him she wants Vincent to comes home a free man, and not be charged in the death of her father. When marco suggests they pin Joey's murder on Cully, Cara says she wants them to be the only ones looking for Cully.

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