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    Desire CAST - Jessica - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jessica Played by Alexandria Schlereth on Desire Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alexandria Schlereth

    Birthplace: Anchorage, Alaska
    Real Name: Alexandria Schlereth


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    Every Story Has An End

    Tuesday, December 05 2006

    On the beach, we see a preacher speaking to a group of people including Jessica, Andrea, Alex, Cully, and Erica. Originally it looks to be a funeral, until the preacher says "We're here to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony!" The camera moves to reveal Louis standing beside Jessica, and Peter and Rita standing beside the pastor to be wed. Rita and Peter exchange vows, an once again become man and wife. After the wedding, Rita tells everyone that they are invited back to Zavatii for dinner, dancing, and drinks!

    Jessica approaches Louis, and asks him if he needs a date to the reception. Louis kisses her and they start to talk. Jessica touches his stomach, and he winces, claiming to be a wounded man. Jessica tells him that it's been 2 months, and since the bullet passed right through him he's only going to have a scar, not a wound for life. Cully and Erica stop by to talk to them, and they all decide to head off to the reception.

    At Zavattii, Andrea talks to Erica and Cully about their new life in Chicago. Erica has a job at a restaurant, and Cully has started a security firm. Jessica talks to Daniel and Claudia about wedding ceremonies, and the rest of the guests converse with one another. Andrea silences the crowd in order for Alex to give a toast. Alex tells the room that in the past few months he has lost and regained a brother, he and Louis have gained a father, and their lives have totally changed. Everyone toasts to new beginnings, and Daniel plays the piano as Peter and Rita share their first dance.

    At the reception, Louis and Alex talk. Louis points out that they are standing in the same place they first saw Andrea and made the bet. Louis tells Alex he won. When Alex looks over at Jessica and Andrea, he tells him that they both won, and then says, "Double of nothing?" Louis and Alex go out to dance with their girls.


    Monday, December 04 2006

    At the spa, Jessica confronts Suzy about Andrea's disappearance. Jessica tells her that she knows she's involved in this, and she just wants Andrea back. Suzy throws a towel at Jessica. In retaliation, Jessica slaps Suzy. Suzy slaps her back, and the two fight briefly. After hurting Suzy's nose, Jessica leaves, telling Suzy that if she finds out she has anything to do with Andrea's disappearance, she is going to come back for her.

    At the restaurant Alex and Jessica prepare some fake money to take to George and Victoria. Louis comes in, and they discuss the plan for getting Andrea back. Jessica asks to come along, and Louis tells her he doesn't want her to get hurt, since he doesn't know what George and Victoria's true plans are.

    At home, Peter and Rita discuss their worry for Alex and Louis. As they are talking Jessica knocks on the door, and asks to wait with them for word from Louis and Alex.

    Meeting Old Friends

    Friday, December 01 2006

    At Peter's house, Peter, Rita, Louis, and Jessica have brunch. The two miss Andrea and Alex, but have brunch anyway. Louis apologizes to Peter for the way he's treated him, and gives him his blessing for he and Rita. Rita tells everyone that she's worried Alex and Andrea haven't called or shown up yet. Peter tells her he will go to Andrea's house, and see if they overslept. Jessica and Louis agree to go to the restaurant and see if they accidentally got caught up in redecorating.

    Louis and Jessica go to Zavatti and find the door unlocked. The go into the kitchen and hear Alex beating on the walk-in door. Once they let him out of the freezer, Alex tells them that George and Victoria locked him in the freezer, and took Andrea last night. As they are discussing what happened, George calls Louis and tells him that he needs to do exactly what he says if he ever wants to see Andrea alive again.

    Peter arrives at the restaurant, and asks if they've called the police yet. Louis tells them he doesn't think they should call the police, in case George has paid off another cop like he did Hawkins. Louis tells the family, “We're on our own!”

    George tells Louis to bring 8 million in cash to the docks, and to come alone. George tells Louis he killed Harold, and will have no problem killing Andrea. Victoria takes Andrea's gag off so Louis can hear her and know she's alive. When she yells, “You killed my father!” Victoria violently slaps her to silence her. After talking to Louis, George tells Victoria to go lie down, so he can have some alone time with Andrea.

    After Louis hangs up the phone he tells Alex and Peter what George said. Louis tells them that he thinks George wants to kill Andrea, which could make getting her back very difficult. They decide to not involve the police in case George has paid off another detective, and instead go after George and Victoria on their own.


    Thursday, November 30 2006

    At Bella, Marco continues to wait along with Louis's family for Louis. Marco tells them, “If he doesn't show up soon, I'm going to have to kill someone!” Marco tells Peter to call Louis, and when he refuses raises his gun promising to kill Rita first. Peter picks up his cell phone and calls Louis. The phone rings in the room, and Louis walks in. Peter yells for him to leave, and Louis looks confused before seeing Marco. Marco tells Louis that he is upset that after all this, Cara wants him. Marco asks Louis if he has anything he wants to say before he dies, and Louis tells everyone “I'm sorry!”

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