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    Desire CAST - Harold Zavatti

    Full detailed profile on Harold Zavatti Played by Ron Gilbert on Desire Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ron Gilbert
    Harold Zavatti

    Actor: Ron Gilbert


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    Thursday, September 28 2006: What Is Past Is Prologue

    Victoria calls the nurse into Harold's room seemingly alarmed that he is not breathing. The nurse asks Victoria to call an ambulance; Victoria says she will but does not. Victoria convinces George that Harold would have died soon anyway and killing him was not murder, it was an act of mercy.

    A funeral is held for Harold.Andrea recites a poem. At the funeral Jessica tries to hold Alex's hand and he shys away.

    Tuesday, September 26 2006: Ashes To Ashes

    George and Victoria tell Harold that Louis is a con artist who marries wealthy women and takes them for everything their worth, then killing them. Harold pleads with George to help him, and to keep Louis from taking him for everything he's worth.

    Harold pleads with George to help him save his money from Louis. george gives him the power of attorney and attempts to covince hi to sign it, telling him it was drawn up by his lawyer Frank.

    Harold signs the power of attorney and gives it to George. As Harold is talking to George Victoria injects something into Harolds IV causing him to die.

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