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    Desire CAST - Cully Pontinero - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Cully Pontinero Played by Gregg Strouse on Desire Daytime Soap Opera.

    Greg Strouse

    Birthday: 1973/09/26
    Birthplace: Long Branch, New Jersey
    Real Name: Gregg Strouse
    Height: 5' 10"


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    Every Story Has An End

    Tuesday, December 05 2006

    On the beach, we see a preacher speaking to a group of people including Jessica, Andrea, Alex, Cully, and Erica. Originally it looks to be a funeral, until the preacher says "We're here to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony!" The camera moves to reveal Louis standing beside Jessica, and Peter and Rita standing beside the pastor to be wed. Rita and Peter exchange vows, an once again become man and wife. After the wedding, Rita tells everyone that they are invited back to Zavatii for dinner, dancing, and drinks!

    At Zavattii, Andrea talks to Erica and Cully about their new life in Chicago. Erica has a job at a restaurant, and Cully has started a security firm. Jessica talks to Daniel and Claudia about wedding ceremonies, and the rest of the guests converse with one another. Andrea silences the crowd in order for Alex to give a toast. Alex tells the room that in the past few months he has lost and regained a brother, he and Louis have gained a father, and their lives have totally changed. Everyone toasts to new beginnings, and Daniel plays the piano as Peter and Rita share their first dance.


    Monday, December 04 2006

    In bed, Cully kisses Erica's exposed belly. he asks her if she's thought of names for the baby, and the two discuss briefly before there is a knock at the door. When Cully answers the door, he finds Louis waiting outside. Louis asks Cully for a gun, and when Cully asks why, he tells him he needs to stay on the straight and narrow,and it's best that he doesn't know. Louis encourages Cully to not get involved in the situation, but asks for a gun. After some persistence, Louis finally tells Cully that George and Victoria have Andrea, and he wants to go get her back. Cully offers to go in as back-up, but Louis refuses.

    Cully gives Louis his car and wishes him the best in his attempt to get Andrea back. once Louis and Alex leave, Cully calls Detective Lin and asks for her help, telling her what is going on.

    Cully gives Louis his car and wishes him the best in his attempt to get Andrea back. once Louis and Alex leave, Cully calls Detective Lin and asks for her help, telling her what is going on.

    You Can't Go Home Again

    Wednesday, November 29 2006

    Louis waits outside the jail for Cully. When Cully walks out he embraces Louis and thanks him for getting him out of jail. Cully then heads off to meet Erica.

    Mending Fences

    Monday, November 27 2006

    Erica visits Cully. She tries to convince him to give up the Gamarras and he tells her if he does he's a dead man. They talk about other options, as the guard tells them “Time's up” Cully tells Erica he loves her, and she tells him she's going to try and get him out as soon as possible.

    The Son From The Shadows

    Friday, November 24 2006

    At jail Cully sits in an interrogation room. Outside Lin tells another detective that Cully is very cooperative on the shooting, but not on the Gamarra's. Cully tells her they brought around 8 million dollars to the warehouse and gives her other details about the shooting. Cully refuses to mention the Gamarra's when talking to Lin, but tells her she needs to release Alex soon, “he's suffered enough” Outside the FBI agents discuss Cully, and that he will give up the Gamarra's eventually. While Lin and Cully are talking, the FBI comes in and tells Lin they're taking the investigation over. Cully refuses to give up the Gamarra's when is talks to the feds, despite the fact that they claim to be bringing a list of charges against him. The feds leave and outside tell Lin they want the Gamarra's, but would have no problem sending Cully to prison for life.

    Later, Cully falls asleep in the interrogation room. He wakes up as a man comes in and slaps a badge on the table. Cully asks without looking up “Am I supposed to be impressed?” the man responds “I was going for terrified” When Cully looks up he sees that the man is Asher. Asher tells him that the badge gives him access to Cully anytime, any place so he should think twice about trying to cop a deal.

    Two-Hour Desire Special

    Thursday, November 23 2006

    Cully meets Erica at Tonica and tells her he wants to leave this life, and run away with her and her baby.

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