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    Desire CAST - Vincent

    Full detailed profile on Vincent Played by Daniel Bernhardt on Desire Daytime Soap Opera.

    Daniel Bernhardt

    Actor: Daniel Bernhardt


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    Monday, October 23 2006: Revenge

    After she pushes Vincent in the pool, Marco asks her if she got the combination to the safe beforehand. Cara tells him her father used the same numbers for everything, and then writes them down so they can go check the safe. Once they are able to get the safe open they find that all the money is gone. Asher points out that Cara has probably been robbed by someone who has disappeared recently, Cara thinks to Louis and Cully's disappearance.Cara tells him she thinks Louis and Cully have the money.

    Friday, October 20 2006: Axes of Evil

    In New Jersey, Vincent is brought back to the Gamarra house in a wheelchair. Cara welcomes him home. When Vincent tells Cara that the other families will not respect her, Asher walks out and quickly changes his mind.

    In New Jersey Cara and Vincent sit by the pool. Vincent tells her that he likes her new look, and loves the two of them doing business together. Cara asks him about her father storing 10 million in cash on the property. Vincent tells her all her knows is that it was for a big deal with Russians. When she asks where the money is, he tells her there is a secret safe in the game room. She asks him if there is anything else she needs to know about the business. Vincent says no, and tells Cara he loves her. Cara responds by telling Vincent goodbye in Italian and pushing him into the pool in his wheelchair, causing him to die.

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