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    Desire CAST - Kate

    Full detailed profile on Kate Played by Derika Abraham on Desire Daytime Soap Opera.

    Derika Abraham

    Actor: Derika Abraham


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    Monday, October 02 2006: A Needle In A Haystack

    In LA Kate's body washes up on shore. As Detective Hawkins tries to convince Lynn to leave the body and make it someone else's problem Lynn finds Kates nametag on her nurses uniform.

    A funeral is held for Kate. After the funeral Jessica tells Alex that she thinks Kate may have gotten in the way for George and Victoria and that's why she was killed.

    Monday, September 25 2006: Salvation of One

    George visits Harold, Kate walks in and tells George to leave. She notices the power of attorney form that Harold has brought. George leaves and stands by the pool. He starts to talk to Kate about what she saw. Victoria comes up from behind and knocks Kate on the head and into the pool. When Kate tries to swim Victoria holds her head down until she dies.

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